Conqueror Gun Carriage

The Conqueror Gun Carriage is a British tier 10 self-propelled gun.

A proposal to mount a 234-mm howitzer on the chassis of the Conqueror. The power unit was placed in the front. Existed only in blueprints.

The Conqueror Gun Carriage Or "CGC", nicknamed as the "Conqueror Orbital Laser Carriage," is the final advancement of the British SPG line. Unlike other SPGs, it is wise to position it closer to the front lines, for several reasons. First of all, it has short range, and takes a long time to lob its shells to their target location. However, it is possible to get away with being close to the action due to the Gun Carriage having the best frontal hull armor of any SPG in the game. Its gun also has monstrous alpha damage and splash radius, giving its shells quite the punch.

The Conqueror Gun Carriage marks the end of its British self-propelled gun line.
Conqueror Gun Carriage - Anh Quốc

Pros and Cons


Upper front plate can deflect rounds capable of penetrating 250+ mm of armor.
Large splash radius and high damage.
Very wide gun traverse arc and high mobility make getting shots easy.
Extremely high shell arc, making it easy to hit enemies behind cover.
Accuracy is pretty good for it's caliber.


Painful reload speed.
The armor is only on the UFP, the superstructure that houses the gun is only 50 mm.
No gun depression combined with bad view range make self-defense difficult
Gun range can be a problem on larger maps.
Despite its mediocre reload time, it has somewhat low damage per shot compared to the T92.


The Conqueror GC is much like a buffed, (armour wise), T92 in some ways. Unfortunately, the gun is worse in all hard statistics except ammunition capacity. This includes the better armor, as well as H.P. pool. However, the gun has shorter range as well as slower shell travel time than other tier X SPG's. This forces you to get slightly closer to the front lines on larger maps, but this shorter range allows you to reach the maximum range much more easily on most maps, which causes your rounds to fall at steeper angles than other tier X SPG's. This allows you to land shells behind cover that other artillery pieces would be unable to. However, the Conqueror Gun Carriage pays for this by having the slowest reloading single-shot gun in the game, requiring you to pick your shots carefully, as you do not have many. The mobility is acceptable, allowing you to re-position around the battlefield and quickly switch your aim to the other side of the map, but the low top speed of 35 km/h means you can't outrun scouts or mediums that break through. If forced into T.D. mode, it is a good idea to set up an ambush. Scouts and some mediums can also bounce off your upper front plate if they do not aim properly. Use your H.P. pool to absorb a shot or two from whatever is shooting you to give your gun more aim time and increase your chance of a hit, because if you miss, you won't get a second shot.