G.W. E 100

The G.W. E 100 is a German tier 10 self-propelled gun.

Project for a 210 mm mortar on the chassis of the E 100. The vehicle was never produced.

While it is very similiar to the GW Tiger, it has a very slight boost on reload time, accuracy, a slightly wider horizontal arc, more ammo capacity and better armor. It acts like a middle ground between the Object 261 and T92. It also possesses a unique skirt armor, which absorbs splash damage, so a direct hit is needed to kill this SPG.

The G.W. E 100 marks the end of its German self-propelled gun line.

Pros and Cons


Good balance of damage, reload, and accuracy
Decent armor can deflect some shots; skirt armor helps absorb splash damage
Size allows it to equip a Super Heavy Spall Liner and makes it resistant to ramming
Better DPM than the T92
Highest HP of any arty in the game


Rather slow speed and traverse
Biggest SPG of its tier
Very slow shell velocity
One of the lowest camo ratings in-game, along with the GW Tiger.


The G.W. E 100 has the third largest cannon in the game, with a rated average of 2000 damage with its HE shell. It does not do the most damage, but is more accurate and reloads much faster than the T92 or Conqueror Gun Carriage. However, it has limited gun traverse and relatively low mobility due to its E 100 chassis, but the 2nd highest shell arc of any tier 10 artillery (only surpassed by the Conqueror Gun Carriage). Like most high tier artillery, it is very large with a horrible camo value (as it is based on the E 100) which lets scouts spot it easily. It has sideskirts that protect the tracks, which can decrease damage from counter-artillery fire. As artillery shots leave tracers in the air, relocating between shots to avoid enemy artillery pinpointing your location using the tracers is absolutely crucial to prevent an early death. The G.W. E 100 has some armor, with 80mm sloped armor on the front and 50mm on the sides, which can bounce a shot if you're lucky. In Clan Wars, the G.W. E 100 is one of the less preferred artillery pieces, as the Conqueror Gun Carriage is used due to its higher arc, better mobility, and bigger splash, and the M53/55 is used in the generalist role that the G.W. E 100 would normally be used in due to it's higher mobility. It may see use in smaller clans due to tank locking, as it is more used than the Batchat 155 58 and the T92.