Waffenträger auf E 100

The Waffenträger auf E 100 is a German tier 10 turreted tank destroyer.

A project for mounting large-caliber antiaircraft guns on the E 100 chassis. The vehicle was supposed to feature 128 or 150 mm guns with an automatic loading system. However, the project was never developed.

Known to many players as the "Waffle" and "Waffle Traktor", Or negatively called as "WTF E-100".

A collection of incredibly min-maxed extremes, the WT Auf E-100 has been a strongly influential tank upon the tier X metagame since its introduction to World of Tanks in the 8.9 patch and resultingly one of the most troubling to balance. Possessing autoloaded guns which do not share the traditionally poor gun handling characteristics of other autoloaders (and terminating a line known for stealth and traditional single-fire guns), this extremely visible tank is a monster of firepower that redefined the acceptable limitations for autoloader potential within World of Tanks. Outputting previously-unheard of 3360+ burst damage potential at its launch, the WT E-100 is not limited by an opponent team's hitpoint pool and can murder entire lanes within 10 seconds. Possessing both a turret with armor unresistant to any HE round at any tier, and a hull with an upper glacis immune to virtually any opposition, the WT E-100 is a tank that that never displays anything but brilliant performance: either brilliantly overwhelming, or brilliantly terrible. Unfettered by traditional TD limitations such as traverse, health pool, or view range, the WT E-100 is most self-sufficient than almost any other tier X TD in the game.

An entirely fictional tank created out of various components from the German parts bin cobbled together and filed to fit, the WT E-100 is an anachronism unmatched by any other vehicle in World of Tanks. Because of this, and it being impossible to balance, the WT Auf. E-100 was replaced with the Grille 15 in patch 9.15. Although the Chinese Server has brought it back as a Tier 10 Premium Tank for ~136$

The Waffenträger auf E 100 marks the end of its German tank destroyer line.
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Pros and Cons

- Incredible damage with one magazine

- Quick reload between the shells in the magazine

- Insanely fast aim time for the 12.8cm PaK

- Most accurate gun in-game (Until it was removed)

- Hull armor is very thick (sadly almost entirely negated by the giant paper turret)

- Very high penetration compared to its damage per shot for Auto-Loading magazine tank.

- High speed despite its large size (40 KM/H)

- Worst camouflage rating in the game, and the tank is so large that most bushes & trees won't be able to conceal your tank

- Very vulnerable and quickly destroyed with HE shots to the turret

- Priority target, due to high firepower and being very vulnerable (And many players hate it)

- Like others Auto-Loading tank, It has Very long magazine reload time


This tank lies in wait for 56 seconds, hears the click of the magazine locking, and then unleashes death on the other team. And then repeats the cycle. It's a bit one-dimensional, as far as tanks go. With 5 shells in the 128, or 4 in the 150, it may not kill a Maus outright, but it's still more than enough to wreck an opposing push or turn a fight.

Sadly, it has very punishing gameplay - either you're close enough to the fight to make use of your clip, where you will easily be destroyed from hits to the turret, which can be penetrated by the actual worst gun in the game, the .50 caliber browning machine gun, or you're staying so far back that RNG will make 2 or 3, if not more, of your shells bite the dust. If you make any kind of your mistake, you will die before you can even react.

Since its introduction on live servers, the WT-100 has been rebalanced twice since its introduction in patch 0.8.9. In the 8.11 update (lost 10% hitpoints and worsened gun dispersion) and again in the 9.2 update (major reduction in power for the 128mm gun, notably reduction in magazine size and DPM decrease). And later removed and replaced with Grille 15 in 9.15 patch. It were still haunted in XBox version.

Early Research

This tank comes elite save the 150mm gun in its stock configuration if it was not researched on the Waffenträger auf PZ IV. As the WT 100 is played, eventually enough XP will be pooled to unlock this.