The Kranvagn is a Swedish tier 10 heavy tank.

A project for a new vehicle for the Swedish army that started in 1949. For confidentiality purposes, the vehicle was given an unusual name, KRV, which stands for self-propelled crane (in Swedish). The project was based on the French AMX 50. A lightweight chassis was built and tested; in addition, a dummy with a turret was produced. A prototype was never built.

The Final advancement of Swedish turreted tank line. Same as its predecessor; It was actually Medium tank in disguise as Heavy tank, With rather small size (Comparable to Medium tank) , tough frontal turret, and excellent mobility makes it can became dangerous hit-and-runner. But be careful about your positioning and don't stop and shot for too long, Because your overall armor is quite weak and can't take a damage for long time.

The Kranvagn marks the end of its Swedish heavy line.
Kranvagn trong rừng thông

Pros and Cons

- Amazing turret armor: when hulldown, its turret can reliably bounce even Jagdpanzer E100's HEAT shells!

- Best gun depression in its entire tier which can make turret further even harder to penetrate

- Low shilouette and small size for heavy tank; especially compared to AMX 50 B

- Second highest top speed for Heavy Tanks (60KM/H)

- Decent accuracy and gun handling

- Trollish upper and turret plate can create lots of ricochets

- Lowest HP of all tier 10 heavies (@ 2000 HP)

- Overall mediocre hull armor, the upper plate is unreliable and very weak its not being shot at from autobounce angles

- Mediocre DPM, magazine reload and in-clip reload

- Contrasting with its amazing gun depression, it has the worst gun elevation in the game (only 10 degrees). will had a problem to shoot enemies on high places and when downhill.

- Fairly frequent module damage; driver dies very often and ammorack gets often damaged

- Relatively sluggish acceleration; reaches its top speed only when going downhill

- Premium ammo has very low penetration for tier 10 HEAT shell; standard APCR has much worse shell velocity than most APCR

- Very vulnerable to artillery due to its playstyle, low health and thin hull armor


The Kranvagn handles much like its predecessors only with slightly better gun-handling (decent dispersion @.36 for a tier 10 heavy-tank), drum reload-time, and even a stronger turret armor than the Emil II while still maintaining the 12 degrees of gun depression. The Kranvagn excels at mid-range combat and is best suited in hull-down positions where the hull is protected and the turret is the only part exposed. The turret is extremely strong, and can easily bounce Hi-caliber AP/APCR shells such as the JPZ-E100. This tank has the potential of being an absolute terror against anything unfortunate enough to be caught in the Kranvagn's gun range.

Unfortunately for the Kranvagn, it suffers from an extremely weak and unreliable hull-armor (its armor is only slightly better than the Leopard 1). It is imperative that the player be aware of the hull exposure while being focused at anytime to maximize survival; this tank is not good for brawling. While it doesn't often get ammo racked, it does catch fire fairly easy if shot in the rear. It should also be noted, that the side of the turret and cupolas are also vulnerable if they are exposed to enemy fire; Kranvagn drivers should keep this in mind while attempting to progress forward. The tank's mobility is average, as its acceleration is a bit sluggish and traverse is 30 deg/s; the tank is still mobile enough to get around and re-position wherever needed.

This tank should be played as a support / frontline (on ridges where available). Fighting alone can lead to trouble quickly with this tank, so be cautious. Also Kranvagn players must be aware of artillery as they will punish the tank if it stays in the focus for too long. HE and HESH shells from Hi-caliber Tank-Destroyers such as the FV215B (183) can also inflict significant module damage even against the turret.