The T110E3 is an American tier 10 tank destroyer.

In 1954, a conference on future heavy tanks was held in Detroit. Alongside other advanced projects, the Chrysler Corporation suggested a new tank on the basis of the TS-31 project. The main goal was to make the tank fit the Bern national tunnel. Several variants were considered, but the project was canceled.

The T110E3 is the tier X American Tank Destroyer on the turretless tech tree. A compact, more mobile version of the T95, the E3 can move around the battlefield much better with its increased top speed, but at the dire sacrifice of overall armor protection. Cutting the side and rear armor by more than half, the T110E3 is much more vulnerable to flanking mediums, and the lack of "skirt" armor on the sides makes the E3 take in more damage from artillery shells. However, the E3 still maintains the 305mm of frontal armor that the T95 is famous for, so fighting this tank from the front is incredibly difficult. The increased vulnerability should not scare anyone away from trying to get this tank, as it can still do much of what the T95 was able to do and even more.

The T110E3 marks the end of its American tank destroyer line.

Pros and Cons

- Shares the same very strong 305mm frontal armor with its predecessor.

- Yields an improoved variant of the T95s 155mm gun with better AP and APCR, slightly better accuracy, and higher damage per minute .

- Gun Mantlet with superstructure behind it is 600+ mm of effective armor, making it truly invincible

- Unlike its predecessor and other T110E tanks, the Cupola is outrageously strong due to it having a strong mantlet

- -8° gun depression allows for more usable hull-down tactics than the T95

- Side (Below superstructure) and rear armor is very weak and vulnerable to HE

- Sluggish speed and traverse, but still a hell of an improovement from the T95

- Lowe Glacis is weak and easily penned, but can be trollish at times depending where the round hits due to the angle

- Bad terrain resistance, even on hard ground

- Repair costs are high, even for a tier X. Being killed will suck close to 25K silver from your earnings


The T110E3 is a truly devastating tank destroyer. Its ability to reliably bounce shells from nearly all tanks in the game means it can single-handedly distract an enemy team as they focus fire without any significant results. Woe to the enemy tankers who sit face to face with a T110E3 as the likelihood of survival is virtually nil in the right hands. T95 drivers will notice many of the same characteristics of the T95 in the T110E3 and should play it the same way with some minor adjustments. The T110E3's primary weak point from the front is its lower hull corners, so T110E3 drivers should seek camping spots that cover this area, or if not possible, terrain that can cover large portions of the lower glacis. If achieved, the only other weak point from the front is the Commander's view port on top of the tank, but even so it is still a very difficult target to penetrate and bounces shells as well. While faster and more agile than the T95, it is still weak to flanking and getting tracked, so play smart and use reverse and track any tank attempting to flank you and ram his front. Doing so will essentially guarantee a win as their shells cannot penetrate your upper hull and your shells will pierce every time, quickly destroying them.

While the side and rear armor is statistically weaker than the front, everything above the tracks is still difficult to penetrate. The T110E3 works best in conjunction with support tanks acting as the tank that leads the rush around corners into enemy formations and focusing directly on the highest tiered tank, running into it if possible. If that support requirement is met, the enemy will shoot the T110E3 in a futile effort only to immediately be overrun. The camo rating for the T110E3 is low so sniping from distance can be difficult except if hidden behind a heavy brush. Sixth sense skill is strongly recommended for T110E3 drivers for this reason. The gun is accurate to specific areas on enemy tanks up to 350m and larger tank sections up to 500m.

The T110E3 is still highly underestimated and does not receive as much respect and fear as it should. Take advantage of this doubt as the enemy attempts to exchange shots with you and finish them off swiftly. The only other tank a T110E3 fears fighting against is another T110E3 simply because it's so difficult to damage it.

The Armor on a T110E3 is 305mm on the superstructure front, the gun mantle is 305mm of spaced armor plus 305mm of base armor behind that, and the hull "beak" is also 305mm thick. The hull, while based on the same design as the T110E5s, is actually tougher by ~10mm of actual thickness (not effective) on the upper and lower glacis while the beak is a 51mm upgrade. Keeping in mind how sloping increases the effective thickness of thicker armor drastically more than on thinner armor and you can get an idea of just how strong the rounded sloped frontal hull of the E3 is even compared to the E5. In fact when aiming at the lower glacis you should still aim for the corners or the flattest part relative to your firing angle because if the shot hits at evenly a slightly odd angle anything but tier 10 TDs will get trolled by the lower glacis. If you go for a fully aimed shallow angle shot and the round diverts to the outside of the aiming circle it will probable face ~268mm of armor. If the shot is poorly aimed and hits the lower glacis at a moderately bad to extreme angle it will almost certainly just richochet off.

It is also worth noting that the E3 has very potent HE, if you are doubting your capabilities to land AP or even APCR rounds on targets, or prefer to actually do damage instead of running the risk bouncing, the HE of the T110E3 is quite forgiving, and will almost always deal no less than 300 damage, on top of this, such HE rounds are an absolute nightmare to Chinese tanks or even exposed tanks in general for that matter, having a Gunner with Deadeye maxed will mean high chances at critically hitting multiple modules on just one enemy vehicle, which can lead to fires and delayed kills, or at least crippling these tanks severely. It is highly recommended for use against softer targets (Especially like the Grille 15, which, if it penetrates, will chop off over half of its health), and can also prove handy for pounding mediums like Obj. 140s, T-62A's, etc that are using hull down tactics.

Overall the E3 is an offensively flexible and, at least from the front, defensively powerful tank destroyer, harness such power wisely.