TVP T 50/51

The TVP T 50/51 is a Czechoslovakian tier 10 medium tank.

A joint project by Škoda and ČKD. Discussions to determine the tank’s characteristics started on January 14, 1950, but the project was discontinued on March 4, 1950 by the Czechoslovakian Ministry of Defense. No prototypes were manufactured. Existed only in blueprints.

The TVP is very fast and mobile, has a low full magazine reload (compared to other tier 10 autoloaders) and an insane reload between each magazine. The tank is often compared to the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t as they both share the same lowest hit points of any tier 10, both have dangerous autoloaders and are both very fast; both excel in certain categories. For instance the Batchat has much more magazine potential damage (1950) while the TVP only has a (1280) magazine potetinial. You might think that the batchat is a clear winner but although the batchat can deal more damage, it does it over a much longer period of time (14 seconds from the first shot) while the TVP on the other hand deals its full magazine out in only 4.5 seconds from the first shot. 4.5 seconds is quicker then every other non-autoloader tier 10 tank in the game. So if you shoot a TVP and you are not in an autoloader, then expect 1280 hit points of you gone before you can even get a chance to fire another back at it (unless you can get in cover of course).

The gun is what makes the tank, it's fast, it's accurate and the full magazine reload is not bad at all.

The TVP is a tricky tank to play but in the hands of a skilled player it can be your worst nightmare.

The TVP T 50/51 marks the end of its Czechoslovakian medium line.

Pros and Cons


Extremely fast reload time between shots on magazine
Relatively short reload time on full magazine
Very high top speed, traverse speed and power to weight ratio
Good gun depression, aiming time and accuracy
Good view range at tier 10. Can reach 445m view range without using optics, binos, or food.


Worst penetration of all tier 10 MTs
Very low armor and HP; comparable to Batchat
Somewhat large silhouette
Tied for worst alpha (with having the worst burst damage output of any autoloaders) in its tier


The TVP T 50/51 is completely unique to all other tanks when it comes to in game performance. With the 320 alpha, the ability to dump the clip quickly, and quick reload the TVP T 50/51 can quickly rack up damage if a player positions himself/herself properly. But, due to the lack of finishing power in the clip, lack of penetration on the standard APCR round, and the lack of HP and armor, the TVP T 50/51 can easily get itself into trouble and possibly not get out of trouble if a player is not careful with map awareness. The recommended playstyle for this tank is to search for side profiles of enemy tanks which will allow you to easily empty the clip, and to immediately have an escape plan. If a TVP T 50/51 is caught reloading it will almost certainly take damage and with the lack of HP, it will be destroyed quickly.