The WZ-132-1 is a Chinese tier 10 light tank.

The Chinese experimental vehicle that united various Type 62 modernization projects. The name is conventional. No prototypes were built.

One of the ideal "Light Mediums" in WoT, It has quite reasonable protection (And quite alot better than others LT) with very tough turret and all-around spaced armor to protect HEAT and HESH shots effectively. Due the Chinese tradition to mounting biggest gun possible, If doesn't counting T49/Sheridan's derp gun, It boast the highest alpha damage of all LTs. But it still suffering from awful accuracy.

The WZ-132-1 marks the end of its Chinese light line.
WZ-132-1 đang hoạt động - ảnh render bởi Wargaming

Pros and Cons

- Very strong turret armor

- Highest alpha damage of all LTs (If doesn't count T49/Sheridan's derp shots)

- Side skirt can protect HEAT and HESH shots effectively, Along with the "Cape" around turret

- Great acceleration and speed

- Fast turret traverse speed and fast aiming time, Good at snapshots

- Hull armor is quite poor

- Horrible gun depression and awful accuracy

- Module often gets damaged

Historical Info
After the development of the WZ-132 light tank was finished, a line was drawn and the project proved to be too technical for the Chinese army to produce at the time. As a result, the Chinese army command proceeded to implement the WZ-132 mechanisms in Chinese tanks already in use, the base vehicle chosen being eventually the Type 62 tank. The new modernised variant was named Type 62-I, and was a result of the experience gathered during the Sino-Vietnamese War. Also known under its industrial designation, WZ-131A, it featured 33 different improvements including an external double lens laser range finder mounted above the mantlet of the 85 mm Type 62-85TC rifled main gun for better firing accuracy and a shield for the 12.7 mm Type 54 anti-aircraft heavy machine gun. A late model of the Type 62-I was fitted with external turret storage racks and hull sideskirts for additional protection against HEAT projectiles and anti-tank missiles. This is the model known in-game as WZ-132-1.