Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

The Rheinmetall Panzerwagen is a German tier 10 light tank.

On June 8, 1957, Rheinmetall recorded a patent for a new light tank with an oscillating turret and a gun with trunnions. The proposed design allowed engineers to equip light vehicles with powerful 90-mm and 105-mm guns while preserving the minimum vehicle height. Rheinmetall did not have their own chassis for the subsequent tank production, and they offered their turret to other plants. The vehicle is a project on the basis of the Hanomag and Henschel chassis. Existed only in blueprints.

Currently second fastest tank in the game (But still slower than pre-nerf Ru 251, or the tier 3 Pz. I C). Carrying a huge gun that is "popped out" of its turret, this tank boasts the highest penetration and of all tier 10 LTs. Unfortunately, this huge gun can be damaged easily and has a very low ammo capacity.

The Rheinmetall Panzerwagen marks the end of its German light line.
Rheinmetall Panzerwagen - ảnh render của Wargaming

 Pros and Cons

- Fastest Tier 10 tank with amazing acceleration and mobility

- 2nd highest penetration of all Tier 10 LT, HE has great penetration that can cripple lightly armored tanks effectively

- Great gun depression

- Tied for highest view range in the game

- Good camo values

- Most accurate tier 10 light tank

- Joint highest light tank hitpoints (1600)

- Almost no armor with fairly large size; easily ripped by HE rounds

- Shockingly low ammo capacity (only 30 rounds)

- Its gun can be damaged often

- Poor DPM

- When the gun is depressed, the breach takes damage

- The accuracy is somewhat negated by poor dispersion when moving

- Often gets priority targeted due to its nonexistent armor and low HP pool


Serves fantastically as a concealed scout tank, Can make great use of speed, Usually played as a supoet vehicle, very effective in close end game situations Dispersion and aim time are main downsides.

Suggested Equipment

Gun rammer, Vertical Stabilizer, Choice of Coated optics or Improved Ventilation

Documented Tank and Crew Builds

BIA, Smooth Ride, Snap Shot, Chocolate (Doesnt catch fire often)