XM551 Sheridan

The XM551 Sheridan is an American tier 10 light tank.

Work on the vehicle started under the AR/AAV project (Armored Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicle) in January 1959. In June 1962, the Cadillac Motor Car Division delivered the first vehicle prototype to the client. The first generation of vehicles included three prototypes. Work was continued, and the vehicle eventually saw service under the M551 Sheridan designation in 1966.

Judging from its raw stats, The Sheridan had minor differences from The T49. With the same derp gun from T49, a bigger hull, lower weight, and being covered with wet toilet paper armor, this can turn some players off. But, to redeem its downside, the Sheridan received a handy 105mm AP gun with great penetration and accuracy. It also has some thin but useful spaced armor to protect it from HESH or HEAT shells.

The XM551 Sheridan marks the end of its American light line.

Pros and Cons

- Choice of two guns; 105mm gun with excellent gun handling and accuracy and 152mm derp gun from T49 with faster reload time and very high alpha damage that can be very deadly against lightly armored vehicles

- Excellent gun elevation on both guns (-10/20 degrees)

- Long base view range (At 420 meters)

- Excellent acceleration and speed

- 360 degrees of spaced hull armour that can protect it from HESH or HEAT shots and an additional grid at the front

- Largest LT in the game with almost no armor; Easily cripped by HE shots if it doesn't hit frontal grid

- 152mm gun reload time is still terrible even while faster than T49 (19 seconds with 100% crew)

- 152mm gun handling is horrible, with awful aim time and accuracy

- Fairly large size with little weight; Very vulnerable against ramming