Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

The Bat.-Châtillon 25 t is a French tier 10 medium tank.

A medium tank with an oscillating turret and a 90 mm gun. Developed by Batignolles-Châtillon in the mid-1950s. Two prototypes were manufactured. The vehicle never entered mass production.

Built by Batignolles-Châtillon society at Nantes, the Batignolles-Châtillon 25t, often known in-game as the "Batmobile" or "Batchat", lives up to its reputation as one of the game's best assassin tanks, fit for many roles which include but are not limited to Scout, Sniper (when using the 100 mm SA 47 gun), Flanker, Brawler and Artillery hunter, with a high mobility and powerful gun it's capable of devastating any tank that it encounters.

Keep in mind that once your shell drum is depleted (5 or 6 shells, depending on the gun), the gruesome reloading time will make you a very easy prey, and the very thin armor will not save you from any kind of shell as it relies on its mobility as a sort of protection. It also has rather poor aim time so you need to get close while moving or stay hidden to fully utilize its awesome cannon. While it can hold ground on its own, it is best used on high-risk high-gain encounters in the mid-late part of the round, preferably with another medium tank as support.

The Bat.-Châtillon 25 t marks the end of its French medium line.

Pros and Cons


High burst damage
Amazing acceleration and top speed.
Amazing p/w ratio; will stay close to 60kph even going uphill
Low profile and excellent camouflage.
Has great penetration on shells.


Poor armor, bounces are very rare.
Slow drum reload time; very low ammo stock.
Low weight, prone to ramming damage.
Tied with Strv 103B, FV4005, and TVP 50/51 for lowest HP among Tier 10 non-SPGs (1800).
Only has 3 crew members placed close together, all of them can often get knocked out and leave this tank empty.


The Batchat is as unique as it is capable of delivering incredible burst damage with its 105 mm gun, combined with high speed. With this gun the tank can, on average, deliver 1950 hp damage in less than 14 seconds. Putting this firepower to use, though, requires a skilled player; as while the Bat may be capable of doing immense damage, it is not very capable of taking it. It has the lowest HP of any tier X tank, and its armor is virtually nonexistent. It can survive two or three hits on average. Another thing to note is that the Batchat is the lightest tier X weighing in at only 25 tons, so avoid ramming enemies. Its standard ammunition is APCR for the top gun.

Like other autoloaders, the batchat is a favorite target due to its combination of high burst damage and soft armor. A batchat should use its combination of speed burst to find vulnerable opponents and avoid unfavorable encounters. Skilled opponents are able to count the number of shots a Batchat has fired in close engagements, so it is important to reload whenever the opportunity presents itself and have an escape route planned at all times.

The Batchat really comes into its own during the mid-game and late-game, especially if it still has a substantial amount of hitpoints left. By this stage, enemy positions should be known and many tanks will already have taken damage and have spread out across the map. The Bat excels in "pouncing" on these lone and/or wounded enemy tanks, since it has both the speed to chase them down and the firepower to finish them off before they can do much in return. These qualities are also very useful when using the Bat as an artillery hunter: even the artillery piece based on this tank cannot outrun it forever and one drum contains enough firepower to finish off two tier X artillery pieces, or even more lower tier ones. The fun doesn't last forever, though: the Batchat only carries 30 rounds of ammunition and they can run out quickly if you let them go to waste by missing or bouncing shots. Like all other autoloader tanks, it is absolutely critical to make every shot count.