AMX 50 B

The AMX 50 B is a French tier 10 heavy tank.

Developed starting in 1951 by DEFA, the state weapons design bureau. By 1958, the AMX 50 B received a number of improvements, including a low-profile cast hull and torsion-bar suspension. A new oscillating turret with a 120-mm gun was also mounted on the vehicle. Despite the fact that the Maybach engine power provided just 1,000 h.p., specialists from the German Gruppe M company were looking for a solution that would allow the vehicle to reach a speed of up to 65 km/h. Only one finished prototype of this variant was built.

The AMX 50 B is the final evolution of the French autoloader heavy line. It's very similar to its predecessor, the AMX 50 120, and is essentially a souped-up version of it. Namely, it is more maneuverable and faster than the 50 120, mainly due to a big boost in horsepower. The AMX 50 B also has enhanced hull armor positioned at an extreme angle that is much more capable of bouncing shots. Although the 120mm cannon carries over from the 50 120, it has been significantly improved in reload speed, aiming time, time between shots, and gun elevation angles. Furthermore, the AMX 50B has overcome the easily-damaged ammo rack that plagued the AMX 50 120.

The AMX 50 B marks the end of its French heavy line.

Pros and Cons

- It was equipped 4-round autoloader with decent penetration

- Excellent relative gun depression (-10 degrees)

- Excellent speed and maneuverability, Tied with Its predecessors for the Fastest Heavy Tank in the Game. (65KM/H)

- Excellent angled frontal hull armor

- Excellent at ramming smaller or lighter tanks due to its weight (62 tons) and top speed (65KM/H)

- Quite fast aim time for an autoloader, especially compared to predecessors

- 2nd lowest HP of any tier 10 Heavy (2100)

- Turret is large and easy to penetrate

- Rather large and tall silhouette

- All around armor other than the frontal hull is horrendously abysmal.

- Bad terrain resistance

- Likes other autoloaders; It takes much time to full clip reload (29 seconds in 50B case)


The AMX 50 B is more of a support tier 10. It cannot lead a force into an attack, but its firepower allows it to supplement the attack with its powerful autoloading cannon. With it's aimtime buffed to 2.5 seconds in patch 9.2 the AMX 50B has good reactivity with its gun. While this can justify using different equipment instead of GLD, GLD is still recommended because as a heavy tank minimizing the exposure time between shots (especially when the 50B tends to get focused when seen) is still advantageous. One of the greatest advantages of the 50 B is its speed; this speed allows it to quickly disengage from a fight, relocate, and re-engage in another battle. This speed also allows it to intercept would-be arty killers and ram lighter enemies for high damage. As for its lack of overall armor, the front hull is surprisingly durable and the perfect angles of the turret can cause auto-ricochets. However, its armor cannot be relied upon and still takes high damage from arty. Also, the 50 B has a much-improved hitpoint pool which can take a hit in exchange for the opportunity to put four shells in the enemy before they get the chance to reload.

Similarly to its predecessors, the 50 B is an opportunist and an excellent support tank. It has the potential to greatly contribute to the team and sway the tide of the battle. Furthermore it doesn't suffer from poor gun elevation angles nor the weak ammo rack of the 50 120. Thus, on top of improved speed and rate of fire, the 50B is a further evolution and upgrade of its predecessor and can be a very satisfying tank to play.