T-100 LT

The T-100 LT is a Soviet tier 10 light tank.

A project for a light tank with the T-100 armament. Jointly developed by Research Institute No. 100 and GSKB-47 (State Specialized Design Bureau) in the mid-1960s. The vehicle featured decent armor that could protect it from 90-mm shells (in case of frontal impact) at any distance.

The T-100 LT is a very, VERY small, fast, and nimble light tank, making it very stealthy. Poor gun characteristics prevent effective sniping, but it's ability to hide can negate that by allowing it to remain hidden at closer ranges. This tank is the final word in passive scouting.

The T-100 LT marks the end of its Soviet light line.

Pros and Cons

- Very low profile provides excellent camouflage rating and makes this tank very hard to hit when moving

- Surprisingly tough sloped frontal armor combined with low profile makes this vehicle very survivable

- Very agile, Excellent acceleration, traverse speed and max speed

- Very low profile can allow facehugging taller tanks like Japanese heavies with complete impunity

- Horrible gun depression and gun elevation.

- Very low profile makes hitting weakspots difficult or impossible when facehugging

- Gun is quite inaccurate with a long aim time

- despite relatively thick frontal armor, due to low weight, ramming is not advised

- Very low ammo count; every shot counts

- Mediocre Premium AP rounds with only 248mm of penetration and low shell velocity


The name of the game is staying hidden, keeping targets spotted for your team, and striking out when you know you have a clear shot. The T-100 LT is the ultimate passive scout, able to remain hidden far after any other tank would be spotted while keeping targets lit. One of the major advantages of this tank over it's medium counterparts is it's ability to maintain its camo value on the move, allowing it to slip into heavily vegitated areas unseen. This can allow it to take up positions far in advance of what most players would expect. While the T100's armor can provide the occassional bounce from time to time and seem tough compared to other light tanks, it is far from reliable. It is only a little less likely to bounce a round from a Obj 268 than it is a round from it's own gun. Do not count on the armor stopping anything.

The only real let down of this tank is the abysmal gun accuracy, which combined with mediocre penetration (and low-velocity premium AP rounds) means engaging at long range is highly inadvisable, aside from very large and soft targets. Instead, use your excellent concealment values to sneak into positions that will allow you closer range and shots at the sides of enemy tanks. Just be careful of hilly terrain; your poor gun depression AND elevation will not be doing you any favors.

One advantage to such a low profile is the ability to slip under the guns of some larger tanks, like the Maus, Type 5, or FV 4005, and hammer their sides with complete impunity, as they cannot depress their guns low enough to engage you. By the same merit, however, getting too close can limit or negate your ability to hit weakspots like copulas. When approaching an enemy tank, it will be important to know where you need to shoot it before hand, lest the only thing you do is hand out a Steel Wall to the enemy.