T57 Heavy

The T57 Heavy Tank is an American tier 10 heavy tank.

A project for a heavy tank with an oscillating turret and automatic loader, developed from 1951. Experimental turrets for 120 mm and 155 mm guns were manufactured by 1957. However, the project was deemed unsuccessful and development was discontinued.

The T57 Heavy Tank is a tier X heavy tank in the American tech tree and unlike the T110E5, the T57 is armed with a 4 round auto loader. Apart from that and the slow aim time, the T57's gun is nearly the same as the T110E5's one. Its armor isn't as good as that of the T110E5, but it can bounce shots if angled correctly. The reload on this tank is really outstanding, only needing about 22 seconds to load the magazine and about a 2 second delay between shots, giving the gun amazing burst and DPM potential. Use the quick clip reload to your advantage and help your team deal massive damage to the enemy and this tank will be a force to be reckoned with.

The T57 Heavy Tank marks the end of its American heavy line.

Pros and Cons

- Reasonable HP pool (At 2250 - 50 points higher than E5)

- High burst damage, with only 2 seconds between shots

- Surprisingly quick magazine reload.

- Highest DPM of all tier 10 heavy tanks and one of the highest in general.

- Gun depression is surprisingly good for a tank with an oscillating turret.

- Decent accuracy when fully aimed (Same as AMX 50 B's).

- Armor is an amusing joke. Side and rear is extremely weak even compared to MTs, Lower plate is very flat in one's perspective (only less than 130mm effective).

- Module damage: ammo rack can be damaged through lower glacis; turret ring is very exposed and frequently gets jammed/damaged.

- Poor aim time and overall worst gun handling, does not do well from distances, unlike the AMX 50B

- Very vulnerable to artillery thanks to very poor overall mobility and very poor hull armor, will often guarantee a ticket to the garage.

- Crew swapping from its predecessors is questionable, Since its crew used was different from T54E1

- Due the fact that whole line of this tank is LT and MT with fast speed and specialized in scouting. It has completely different play style than all of its predecessor, Takes large amount of time to get used to this machine.


With all the right crew skills, modules and consumables, your T57 will reload the clip in about 22 seconds, which is quite impressive. The time to load between the 4 rounds held in the clip is a mere 2 seconds. The armor, while it is not stellar, is still capable and will bounce if you angle well - something that this tank seems to do a good job of. This tank has somewhat acceptable gun depression, being better than most autoloaders.

This tank is an offensive powerhouse, if somewhat fragile. When supporting a tougher tank in close-quarters combat, the opportunity to unload 1600 burst damage for free into distracted tanks can be devastating. The T57 is less effective on its own, because it can be rushed while on reload. However, if you can dictate range or corner fighting, you can trade 3- or 4-for-1. While it's not quite as good as unreturned damage, it's still quite good. If you can preserve your HP into the lategame, the T57 is one of the best finishers in the game - clipping down half-health or multiple one-shot tanks in return for only a fraction of your health can swing a tight match in your favor.

Having BIA and vents is recommended, as it not only shortens the painfully long aim time and clip reload time (although the 25sec magazine reload speed is still blisteringly fast when compared to its french counterpart) it also increases the accuracy of the gun (0.34 with BIA/vents separately, 0.32 with both BIA and vents, 0.31 with BIA and vents and cola), helping to make every shot count. In an autoloader making your shots count is critical so if you have the chance to fit your tank and crew with the mentioned augmentations then take it.

All told, the T57 is one of the best and most flexible damage-dealers in the game. If you manage to get yourself into the right positions in the battle, react appropriately and most importantly survive and don't attract too much attention, it is not unusual to dish out 5000, 6000 or more damage in a game.