Strv 103B

The Strv 103B is a Swedish tier 10 tank destroyer.

Developed from 1969 through 1971 as a modernization of the Strv 103. Unlike the previous Strv 103A version, the Strv 103B was equipped with a more powerful gas-turbine engine, laser rangefinder, and infrared devices. The vehicle also accommodated the mounting of amphibious add-on equipment. In 1970, 220 vehicles went into service. At the same time, the vehicles of the previous modification were converted to the Strv 103B, which resulted in a total of 290 vehicles by 1971.

The Stridsvagn 103B is the Final milestone of Swedish Tank Destroyer line as the real "Born-to-be" tank hunter. Although its characteristic is fairly similar to Strv 103-0, It had third highest DPM in the game thanks to powerful gun that is vastly improved from its predecessor. It can knocking out even Maus in one or two minutes.

If players can handle its hydraulic suspension controls and know who, when, and where to snipe , It will reward you nicely.

The Strv 103B marks the end of its Swedish tank destroyer line.
Strv 103B (ảnh render bởi Wargaming)

Pros and Cons

- Extremely powerful and devastating firepower: 3rd highest DPM (after the Tortoise and the Badger), best accuracy, no aim time and 2nd best regular round penetration in the game (After the FV215b (183) and FV4005)!

- High mobility in travel mode; low terrain resistances.

- Tied with its predecessor, it has low chance of catching fire (10%), although this is quite irrelevant due to fuel tanks getting damaged from the front.

- Upper front plate is 50mm thick in most places and thus much harder to penetrate than earlier Swedish tanks, Also came with front grills that can protect frontal HEAT shots.

- Very high camouflage values, among the best in the game (can reach to more than 60%).

- Longest radio signal range in the game at 850 meters.

- APCR rounds have very high shell velocity, that allow the tank to hit fast-moving targets easier. Also, the standard APCR round does not lose too much penetration value when firing from long distance.

- Very low HP; tied with Grille 15, Bat Chat 25t and TVP T50 / 51 for having lowest non-SPG HP at tier 10.

- Since the armor is flat, the tank is very vulnerable against SPGs, especially in Siege mode.

- Has to wait a little to switch in and out from Siege mode, greatly limiting its versatility.

- No gun traverse or depression outside of siege; top speed limited to 10/10 kph in Siege mode, very vulnerable in close range combat.

- Lowest alpha damage of all tier 10 TDs, but it makes up for it with its astounding ROF.

- High ammo cost compared to fast firing rate.

- APCR rounds also serve as a drawback: their normalization angle is smaller than normal AP round (2 degrees compared to AP's 5 degrees, but is still better than HEAT and HE with no normalization at all), and will have trouble punching through well-angled enemies. Premium round penetration is not extraordinary at 350mm.


The Strv 103B is a great sniper and support tank as its low profile gives it great camouflage values. Best tactic is to search for a good position (preferably a bush), activate siege mode and wait for the enemy. Start using your accurate gun and perfect penetration to melt your enemies one by one. Alpha damage might be low for a tier X tank destroyer, but the quick reload time turns it into an advantage, since you can keep the enemy tracked and kill them in seconds. If you get spotted, change to travel mode which will take 1,3 seconds and then retreat backwards, your high reverse speed is quite helpful for fast escapes. Your extremely angled roof can bounce some shots but it is better not to rely on this. Use your great mobility in travel mode and search for a new position.

Another good tactic is to use the terrain. Look for hill edges, drive in siege mode over the the edge, fire and retreat in siege mode backwards under the edge. Your gun is almost at the top of the tank so you will expose only a small part of the angled roof. Many enemy shots will pass over you or bounce on the roof.

As perfect as this tank is as a long range sniper, as terrible it is in a direct duel. If a light or medium tank comes close to you, your chances of survival is very low. Turning speed and mobility in siege mode is terrible and in travel mode you can´t aim your gun. This can lead also to trouble at the end of the battle in 2v2 or 3v3 situations. You can´t attack the enemy effectively as you will need 2 sec. to change to siege mode. This will only work if you can surprise someone from behind. Best way is to use your mobility, act as a scout and let your team mates finish the last enemies, or the opposite. As a last resort you can try to fire in travel mode at close enemies but the chance to miss it quite high unless it is point blank range.

Due to the tanks' inability to fight on close range, you should at all times stay behind and snipe. If you have the feeling that your flank is lost, retreat early and search for a new position. Some of your team mates might call you "camper" but playing defensive is the only way to play this tank, as Defense is it's speciality.