Centurion Action X

The Centurion Action X is a British tier 10 medium tank.

The Action X turret was planned to be used for later variants of the Centurion tank. One prototype of the turret was mounted on the chassis of the Centurion Mark 7, and another was used for ballistic trials. The vehicles with the Action X turret never entered mass production or saw service.

Replaced the FV4202 in patch 9.12. Hard-hitting medium tank with great aiming time and decent mobility, While Action X turret provides decent protection. But, With its large size, It was vulnerable especially against SPG if you're not moving around.

The Centurion Action X marks the end of its British medium line.

Pros and Cons


Good top speed, high P/W ratio, good mobility; turns quickly and has good terrain values
Powerful and accurate L7 cannon with excellent gun depression
Premium ammunition is HEAT with 330 mm of pen.
Thick sloped turret armor
High penetration HESH rounds can be very effective against thinly armored targets


Prone to module damage
Turret armor is not reliable enough to deflect all shots
Very large size makes it a common target for artillery
Ammoracks in the front hull and sides, shots to the side often track and ammorack in the same hit.


The Centurion Action X is a significant upgrade from the Centurion 7/1 in every aspect and a further refinement of the play style. It retains the excellent gun depression and powerful L7 cannon of its predecessor, but with greatly improved mobility, greater accuracy on the move, and even better turret armor. All this combines to make a tank well suited to the hull-down style of its predecessors, but now with the option for rapid flanking and firing on the move as well. Still, the Centurion Action X does not have the armor to stand up in a prolonged fight against powerful tier 10 guns, even hull down, so making use of the upgraded speed and mobility is essential. However, while the Centurion AX's upgraded mobility can allow it to brawl if necessary, the Centurion AX is a long range fighter at heart. Its large size coupled with moderate DPM compared with other tier 10 mediums make brawling a dubious proposition at best. The Centurion Action X is best suited for combat on hilly terrain; by making use of its 10 degrees of gun depression, the Centurion Action X can hide its massive lower glacis, and significantly increase its turret armor. When using all ten degrees of gun depression, even weak spots such as a plate just above the gun, or the plate directly below the gun, can reliably bounce shots from most tanks. Though it has an abundance of hitpoints, the Centurion AX is best suited for the second or third line of tanks, supporting the team's heavies, or playing like a turreted td. Players who love the Centurion 7/1 will find the Centurion AX a most satisfying tank to play, allowing a greater array of play styles due to its good manoeuvrability, at the expensive of a large chassis with mediocre armor.