The M60 is an American tier 10 premium medium tank.

A deep modernization of the M48 tank. Development of the prototype was started in 1957, and in 1959 the order for production of the first tank was placed with Chrysler. A total of 15,000 vehicles of four modifications were manufactured.

The M60 is a gift tank awarded to players for finishing in top places in the first Clan War campaign (top 50 in RU cluster, top 30 in EU, NA, and SEA). It is not currently available in the tech tree, gift shop, or by any bonus codes at all.

The M60 is a representation of the first production variant of the M60, and should not be confused with the M60A1 and later variants.

Pros and Cons


Highest base view range in-game (together with the M48A1 Patton)
Good gun depression
Gun has very good accuracy, penetration and alpha damage
Overall best gun handling stats in game
Better hull traverse and way better mobility than the M48A1 Patton


Sluggish mobility for a medium tank
Worst camouflage of all medium tanks in its tier due to its very large profile
Relatively thin armor
The giant machine gun on top of turret is a weak spot; However, you can abuse it with constant moving


The M60 plays very much like an M48 Patton, boasting the same gun depression, damage, and penetration. However, there are some key differences between the two. Overall, the armor on the M60 is weaker than on the M48 Patton, it has a slightly lower rate of fire, and it is slightly larger with even worse camo values. However, to make up for this, the M60 has slightly better mobility and better soft stats ex. aim time, etc.

Because the tank is so large and poorly armored, your best bet is to not get shot in the first place. Along with the usual flanking that a medium tank can do, the M60 is excellent at supporting its team from behind cover. The gun depression, combined with the superb gun handling allows you to pop above a hill and get a shot off before the other team may be able to react. The view range also allows you to spot any other tanks that your teammates may have missed.

Going along with its view range, the M60 can also perform the role of a scout, assuming caution is taken. Because the M60 is such a large and poorly camouflaged target, using cover while spotting is a must. If you try to rush through enemy lines like an ELC, you will quickly find your tank destroyed. You can use the MG turret to your advantage by spotting targets from behind cover while exposing very little of yourself. Your view range alone will also enable you to light enemies that your teammates cannot see.