WZ-113G FT

The WZ-113G FT is a Chinese tier 10 tank destroyer.

The concept of the WZ-113G FT tank destroyer was based on the design of the 113 tank, the development of which started in 1963. Neither project saw production.

This boxy and bulky adaptation of the 113 heavy tank marks the end of Chinese tank destroyer line. It carries a massive 152mm cannon boasting great penetration and alpha, and also comes with reliable sloped frontal armor and high HP pool. Althought its large profile has inadequate protection everywhere - other than frontal - and also provides subpar camo ratings.

The WZ-113G FT marks the end of its Chinese tank destroyer line.

Pros and Cons

- Impressive penetration and alpha damage, its gold ammo penetration even rivals JagdPz E100's HEAT shell

- Reasonably good aim time and gun handling, on par with the T110E3

- Tied with JagdTiger for 2nd highest HP pool of all TDs (2100)

- 230mm thick upper front plate with decent sloping, creating line-of-sight thickness around 300mm: comparable to the JagdPz E100

- Above average view range, handy when coupled with proper equipments and skills setup

- Uncommon sight on the battlefield, many if not most opponents don't know about your weaknesses and simply waste shots head-on

- Rather tight gun arc and mediocre gun depression, common trait of Chinese TDs

- Very weak armor and huge profile on the sides, limits effectiveness of angling

- Nowhere as mobile as the original 113, rather resembling that of the FV4005

- Worse camo rating due to its height

- Subpar accuracy and worst shell velocity of all Tier X TDs, making an ineffective sniper

- Big weak roof provides easy target for facehugger or SPGs

- LFP is still weak and not very easy to hide


Generally speaking, the WZ-113G FT is a vehicle destined for its very unique playstyle unlike any other peers. The very thick and sloped UFP might appear invincible, but there are multiple weakspots head-on like the cupola, or the very sloped yet thin "shoulders" that are vulnerable to most HEAT and HESH ammunition. Protection on other parts simply worth no mention except for occasional ricochets. Its armament, the 152 mm 59-152JG FT previously found on the WZ-111G FT offers improved accuracy, gun handling and rate of fire. Adequate for a Tier X, but nothing spectacular compared to its peers. In terms of mobility, do not get fooled by this "113" name; the additional weight and noticably lower engine power brings down its speed by a large amount, though still superior to the superheavies. Taken into comparison, the WZ-113G FT can not endure punishment as easily as the T110E3 or the JagdPz E100, but enjoys higher initiative on positioning; it has neither the accuracy nor the speed of the Object 263, yet benefits from forward mounted gun, smaller profile and better gun arc. More or less a Jack-of-All-Trades heavy tank destroyer, it could work out well in brawling, in defensive or in performing breakthrough, as long as the player keeps its shortcomings in mind.