The 121B is a Chinese tier 10 premium medium tank.

The upgraded version of the 121 Chinese medium tank, developed in the 1960s. Unlike the prototype, the 121B was equipped with a modern 105-mm rifled gun, improved suspension, and reinforced front armor. The vehicles of this modification were equipped with infrared lamps and a laser rangefinder. The 121B aiming system had a higher firing accuracy than that of the Type 59.

Pros and Cons


Strong turret face armor
Accurate 105mm gun
Reasonable gun depression of -5 degrees
Reasonably well armored upper hull
Fast turret traverse


Ammunition and fuel tank location in the front of the hull is a weakness
Underpowered engine
Low top speed of 50km/h
Painfully low DPM, can get out-traded even by Tier IX mediums

Early Research

As a reward tank there is no research to perform.

Historical Accuracy Errata

Despite the description, this tank is fake - while the 121 did exist as a prototype medium tank, the Royal Ordance 105mm L7 did not become available to the Chinese until after the 121 project was cancelled. Note that this should not be confused with the Type 79, which is an entirely different tank.