AMX 50 Foch B

The AMX 50 Foch B is a French tier 10 tank destroyer.

The project of the AMX 50 Foch tank destroyer with a 120 mm gun provided for installing the automatic loading system. However, after work on the AMX 50 120 with the same armament started, the project was deemed potentially inefficient. Existed only in blueprints.

The AMX 50 Foch B marks the end of its French tank destroyer line.

Pros and Cons

- High accuracy and shell velocity allow efficient sniping

- Incredible 2,400 burst damage distributed among 6 shells with quick intra-clip reload and acceptable full clip reload time

- Tough front armor, thick and sloped

- Good top speed and respectable weight make potential rammer against medium or light tanks

- Shock factor like the previous WT E 100, opponents might panic upon sighting you

- 2nd worst alpha damage and worst penetration on both standard and premium ammunition of all Tier X TDs (excluding HESH shell of British TDs)

- Long and underarmored hull sides, can not manage anything more than auto-bounce

- Rangerfinder can be easily penetrated by even Tier VIIs, and makes obvious target up close

- Weak engine compartment roof, extremely vulnerable against artillery fire or tall facehuggers

- Sluggish due to bad terrain resistance

- Limited gun arc, -6/+18 degrees vertical and ±10 degrees horizontal


After undergoing a considerable revamp in patch 9.20, the Tier X Foch received a 120mm gun and more powerful engine. In compare to its previous 155mm mounting configuration, the new Foch B can now relocate and snipe with ease, making a much better supporter. While losing in penetration and alpha damage, the new 6 rounder still possesses formidable if not stronger one-clipping capability, provided one knows to exploit weak spots. With 2 more shells in drum than other 120mm sporting autoloaders, the Foch B can choose to expend a shot or two de-tracking first, thus pinning down the target for easier kill. In terms of protection, thicker sides and fighting compartment roof are now proof against large caliber autopens, but still prone to flanking or plunging fire.