AMX M4 mle. 54

The AMX M4 mle. 54 is a French tier 10 heavy tank.

A variant of the AMX M4 heavy tank based on the Project 141 with reinforced front armor. It was planned to enhance the front armor by mounting a 280-mm armor plate. Existed only in blueprints.

The AMX M4 mle. 54 marked the end of the heavily-armed French heavy tank branch, Although its characteristic is still remain the same with its predecessor, The AMX M4 mle. 54 didn't had decent amount of Hit Points to compensate its large (but a bit smaller than its predecessor) size. Instead, it compensate the lack of HP pool with insane frontal protection and good mobility.

This vehicle is essentially a more flexible version of Pz.Kpfw. VII, it had weaker (but still strong) hull protection than its German counterpart, had much worse side armor and frontal cheek weakspots that limiting its sidescrape ability. But it's better at hull down position thanks to extremely strong turret that placed on frontal with good gun depression. it also relocates faster than its counterpart.

The AMX M4 mle. 54 marks the end of its French heavy line.

Pros and Cons

- Two choice of guns; 120mm with excellent penetration and decent DPM, and 130mm with high alpha damage

- Extremely tough frontal armor

- Decent gun depression (-8) combined with extremely tough turret makes it good for hull down

- Decent speed for its weight and size (40KM/H), good traverse speed

- Good for ramming due its good speed and weight

- Overall armor others than frontal is very poor, lower plate are noticeable weakspot

- Frontal cheeks limiting angling capabilities

- Low HP pool despite its size (2200)

- Very large (Comparable with E-100), tall hull and poor camouflage ratings. Very vulnerable against flankers and SPGs

- Low ammo capacity both on 120mm gun (40 rounds) and 130mm gun (30 rounds)

Early Research

Only 130mm gun is researchable, it gives more alpha damage in exchange with lower rate of fire and penetration. to elite this vehicle, you need to research this gun. however, you can use the 120mm gun as your own preference.

Historical Info

The AMX M4 mle. 54 as represented in World of Tanks is a fictitious combination of one of the AMX M4's hull proposals and the TCB turret proposed for the AMX 50 Surbaissé (better known as the AMX 50B). The hull and turret were never intended to be used together.

The TCB turret was developed by the FAMH company (Forges et Aciéries de la Marine et d'Homécourt). Specifications on this turret are unknown, but it would have had a rangefinder, no auto-loader, and most likely thicker armor than the AMX 50's standard oscillating turret. This was intended to be an alternative to the AMX 50 Surbaissé's TOB oscillating turret, but was never built.