FV217 Badger

The FV217 Badger is a British tier 10 tank destroyer.

A project for a tank destroyer based on the Conqueror chassis was developed in the late 1940s. Existed only in blueprints.

Replaced the FV215b (183) at the tier 10 position in the British Turretless Tank Destroyer line. The FV217 Badger shocks anyone who faces it (or reads its paper stats) with its listed insane frontal armor of 355mm. However, the 355mm of armor only exists around the gun, and the rest of its frontal armor is only around 210mm in thickness (and around 270mm at view spots). This may give the wrong impression though since the 210mm part of its armor is decently sloped (Similar to StuG III) which adds about another 90mm of armor resulting in 300mm+ on its frontal plate. It wields a nasty 123mm gun which provides the highest DPM in the game. Fighting this vehice frontally is less than advised.

Although it seems to be almost invincible from the front, The Badger doesn't have all-around protection like the Tortoise, its side and rear armor is noticeably weaker than that of the Tortoise. In addition its still lacking in mobility and flankers will have an easy time tearing this vehicle apart.

The FV217 Badger marks the end of its British tank destroyer line.

Pros and Cons

- Very few tanks are able to challenge this vehicle frontally as its armor is going to block most shells below 300mm of penetration

- Highest DPM of any tank in the game, enough to kill every tank in less than a minute if all shots were to penetrate

- Although the 355mm frontal armor only applies to the gun mantlet, the rest of it is sloped which makes it hard to penetrate with about 300+mm of effective armor

- Decent HP pool

- Great gun handling, incredible aim time combined with great accuracy and an awesome rate of fire

- Great gun depression and elevation (-10/20 degrees) combined with its well-sloped frontal armor turns this vehicle into a perfect hull down tank

- Overall raw armor stats are lower than its predecessor, which enables taller opponents to mitigate the sloping of the Badgers frontal plate

- Terrible side and rear armor, which results in a lesser angling capabilitiy than its predecessor

- Although its faster than the Tortoise, it's still slow and thus vulnerable to flanking attempts

- 2nd worst penetration value of all tier 10 TDs, premium rounds also have below average penetration

- Much more vulnerable against SPGs than its predecessor due to its very poor roof armor