Heavy Tank No. VI

The Heavy Tank No. VI is a Japanese tier 6 premium heavy tank.

In 1943, the Japanese ambassador to Germany attended Henschel's field trials of the Tiger. After that, the company was ordered to transfer all tank documentation to Japan. One disassembled Tiger was sent to Bordeaux on October 14, 1943, to be delivered to Japan by submarine. However, the vehicle was never delivered, and the Japanese were never able to establish their own production of Tigers. This enterprise cost 645,000 Reichsmarks to Japan, while the original cost was 300,000 Reichsmarks.

Also known as "Japan Tiger". This tank is available in both the premium store and in-game for gold. It has also appeared as a mission reward for returning players; the mission was accidentally distributed to active players, but nonetheless honoured by Wargaming, on the Asia server in April 2016.

Pros and Cons

- Respectable armor from all sides, same values as Tiger I

- Good damage and rate of fire, good APCR penetration

- Rather good view range

- Usable gun depression

- Great top speed of 40 kph

- No premium matchmaking, can and will see tier 8 tanks

- 145mm of AP penetration is still somewhat lacking - struggles when bottom tier

- Vulnerable ammo rack and engine, fairly flat armor is easy to penetrate

- Very slow shell velocity and somewhat poor dispersion values

- Weak turret roof armor, only 25mm thick


Large, tough, and surprisingly effective, the Heavy Tank No. VI plays similarly to the VK 36.01 (H). Make no mistake, this tank is not anywhere near as potent as the higher-tier German Tiger I - it has significantly less HP, penetration and accuracy - although its armor values are very similar which allows for some effective side scraping at medium ranges. As of 9.15, the penetration of the gun has been improved to 145mm (from a paltry 132) which in turn allows this tank to be more competitive in higher-tier games. Overall, this is a decent and inexpensive premium that's main appeal lays in it being a premium, non-German Tiger I - at tier VI!

The Heavy Tank No. VI's role depends on its placement in the matchmaking.

When top tier, it is a powerful bully: angling its armor allows it to bounce most lower tier guns with its front hull and its 145mm of penetration, alongside the base 220 damage, means that it can quickly decimate lesser foes. The HT No. VI can reliably expect to two-shot tier 5 mediums and 3-shot tier 6 mediums or tier 5 heavies.
When mid-tier, it is a reliable supporter: its armor is less useful against tier 7 opponents and it will start facing enemies that will quickly dismiss its 145 stock penetration. What they cannot afford to ignore is its high rate of fire, which allows it to continue harassing opponents with medium ranged hits.
When bottom tier, it is an opportunistic flanker: the armor is of little use at tier 8, and the accuracy and penetration are simply inadequate for head-on fighting. As a result, it must use its remaining two features, good rate of fire and surprising speed, to skirt the edges of battle and act like a large medium.
The HT No. VI has fairly average DPM, but benefits greatly from additional equipment. Between a 100% crew and the installation of both Gun Rammer and Improved Vents, it can boast a DPM of over 2200 thanks to a 10.16 rate of fire, shaving the reload on its 88mm gun down to just under 6 seconds. Given the very healthy 92 round supply of ammunition, this is one tank that is unlikely to run dry at an inopportune moment. It also means that it is not unreasonable to take speculative shots--you have the ammo to spare. The High Explosive shell is unusually underwhelming for a gun of this caliber and is best used only against very soft targets. The APCR shell's 194mm of penetration makes it a viable choice against tier 7 and 8 opponents, and the sheer amount of ammunition on board means that players can carry a large amount of APCR if desired without compromising on their supply of standard AP shells.

The HT No. VI shares many weak spots with the Tiger I, most notably a very vulnerable lower glacis. Expect engine damage or fires if your lower plate is targeted. The large 'trashcan' cupola is also a fairly obvious target and will attract a lot of enemy fire, as will the ammo stowage on the sides of the tank. If you have to peek around corners, try to force the engagement such that you can fire around left turns, as this will help hide the cupola.

Notably, this tank has the standard five arrangement of crew where most of the Japanese heavy line have six crew members, with either two radio operators or two loaders. In order to use this tank as a crew trainer you will need to swap out crew members in order to train the full complement.