Object 268

The Object 268 is a Soviet tier 10 tank destroyer.

Development of the Object 268 was started in the summer of 1952 at the Kirov Plant, Leningrad, under the supervision of Joseph Kotin. The vehicle was developed on the basis of the T-10 heavy tank. A prototype was manufactured in 1956. The vehicle passed trials, but never saw mass production.

The final advancement of its tank destroyer line, the Object 268 features good mobility, effective camouflage, and very well-sloped frontal armor which makes it tricky to attack from the front. Its most notable feature, however, is its upgraded 152mm cannon, which boasts extreme penetration, high alpha damage, a decent rate of rate, and, unlike the BL-10 before it, is very accurate, but as trade-off it has significantly worse shell velocity. The Object 268 also has worse gun depression and gun arc than its predecessor. Due to this, Object 268 is hard to use effectively and will feel somewhat akward to play for many players when coming from earlier TDs that were easier to play. However, when mastered, the Object 268 can be very potent tier 10 TD.

The Object 268 marks the end of its Soviet tank destroyer line.
The Object 268 is a Soviet tier 10 tank destroyer.
Pros and Cons


Gun has very high penetration and offers nice balance between good alpha, DPM and accuracy
Good mobility; can keep up with mediums and can relocate quickly
High camouflage rating
Oddly shaped frontal armor which can frequently bounce shots
Very powerful HE that can oneshot tier 8 lights and do 400 - 500 damage even without penetration


Very narrow gun arc; long aim time and horrible dispersion on move/traverse
Terrible shell velocity makes sniping further more difficult
Constant crew and module damage; driver dies easily from frontal shots, side shots damage ammo rack and fuel tanks
Poor gun depression
Has multiple weakspots that are vulnerable at close range, such as flat area next to gun that is only ~180mm effective


The Object 268 is the tier X Soviet Tank Destroyer. This beast has an astounding 303mm of standard AP penetration making it one of the highest penetrating gun, excluding end tier artillery vehicles and the FV215b (183) or FV4005 Stage II, it also has quite a high rate of fire for the damage it can do, giving it the second highest DPM for all tier X tank destroyers, just below Object 263. Another noticeable feat of this tank is the extreme accuracy of the gun. While 268's firepower is devastating, this TD is not without its flaws. First off, while its accurate, it keeps long aim time from earlier TDs, aswell as having both worse gun arc and depression than Object 704. Combine this with 268's very low shell velocity (not much better than some howitzers!), and using that 0.33 accuracy effectively is not easy. Object 268 is most effective at sniping stationary targets, since leading shots can be tricky due to flaws mentioned before. Map knowledge is very important with this tank. Thankfully 268 is very mobile, so it can get into positions early and get some early shots.

Due to narrow gun arc, 268 needs to turn very often, so using Camo net isnt as efficient as it would seem to be. 268 also often wants to relocate after few shots, anyway. 268 Instead, it is recommend to use Vents and GLD to make gun handling and gun stats as good as possible. Optics is also usable option to achieve high view range. If your crew is not as skilled, though, then Binoculars are okay choice as well, although like with camo-net, they are quite questionable for a tank with such poor gun arc that needs to turn and move often. Using the new Supercharge equipment which improves shell velocity and reduces the decrease of penetration over distance is also a viable option because of the howitzer-like shell speed.