Primo Victoria

The Primo Victoria is a Swedish tier 8 premium medium tank.

About 240 Centurion Mk. III and Mk. V tanks were purchased for the needs of the Swedish Armed Forces. The vehicles were designated Strv 81, underwent multiple modernizations and remained in service until the early 2000s. In August 2017, one vehicle was presented to the Swedish band Sabaton and was brutally customized—the British steel was reforged to pure Swedish metal, and thus it became the true headbanger tank.

This tank is a part of collaboration of Wargaming and famous Swedish rock metal band "Sabaton" announced at GamesCom 2017. It features members of Sabaton band as tank crews and came with energetic crew voice and metal music.

Pros and Cons

- Accurate gun

- High penetration and shell speed (uses APCR as regular ammunition)

- High engine power and fairly good mobility

- Sideskirt provide some protection from HEAT shell

- Good turret armor, can hulldown well

- Has unique crew sounds and metal music from Sabaton members!

- Large size, poor hull armor and low camouflage

- Ammo rack is rather fragile and can be damaged from the front

- Inadequate turret hull rotation

- Very high repair bill for a Tier 8 premium tank, and high shell cost per damage done


This tank is basically a fully upgraded Centurion Mk. I. As such it is an effective ridgeline sniper and support tank, thanks to its turret armour, gun depression and rapid firing, accurate gun. However, it's lack of DPM and mediocre manoeuvrability, make it a poor brawler. (N.B. This website contains a mistake. DPM is actually about 1900).

Documented Tank and Crew Builds

The Sabaton crew that comes with this vehicle gives it its own flavour. For this reason, and the fact that there are currently no high tier Swedish medium tanks in the game, most players are likely to play the Primo Victoria with its own, dedicated crew. The crew built should focus on the strengths of the tank: rapid, accurate fire. As such, any skills that improve view-range and accuracy should be chosen, in addition to 6th sense and safe stowage. Brothers in arms comes as a free perk with the crew.