Škoda T 50

The Škoda T 50 is a Czechoslovakian tier 9 medium tank.

A further development of the post-war concept for the Czechoslovakian general purpose tank. The project was developed by Škoda in 1947. In 1948, significant changes were introduced to the project. There were plans to mount a 100 mm gun. The project was discontinued after one full-size wooden prototype had been built.

The Škoda T 50 leads to the TVP T 50/51.

Pros and Cons


Fantastic auto loader gun
Good top speed
Agile tank
Acceptable reload time for a drum


Tall silouette
Very thin armor
Frequent module damage and crew death
Bad camouflage value
Cannot use a gunrammer, even when not using the autoloader.


The Skoda T 50 while has low clip damage, it makes up for it by excellent reload time both from clip, and clip reload, and good accuracy and aim time, with Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, its nearly fully aimed by the time it loads the next shot from the clip. Its excellent gun depression allows it to go hull down, and combined with the mere 3,6 seconds it takes to unload its clip, it can get away with clipping an enemy without taking a return shot, which is a necessity due to it being prone to receiving crew and module damage. Carrying a large first aid kit is recommended.

Although its top speed is somewhat limited at 50 kph (at least compared to other mediums with similar armor), due to its powerful engine, reaching that top speed is not a problem even on a slight incline.

Play it as a second line support tank, or as part of a medium tank wolf pack, because on its own it can not rely on the stopping power of the other tier IX autoloaders, and the only armor it has is it's hp. (reverse sidescraping may work if the enemy does not know to shoot the turret)

All in all, the Skoda T50 is a very capable tier IX medium, and fun to play, capable of severely punishing the enemy for their mistakes, but the same is true for the driver as well.

Early Research

The radio carries over from the T34/100.
The stock suspension can carry decent equipment, and the extra weight of the second turret is offset by the top gun being lighter, upgrading the suspension is not necessary right away.
since it's the gun that makes the tank, first research the second turret, then the autoloader gun.
now mount Enhanced torsion bars temporarily, then mount the second turret and the top (autoloader) gun, then the Enhanced torsion bars can be removed.
now research the suspension
leave the engine last, the stock engine already provides ample power.