The T-62A is a Soviet tier 10 medium tank.

Development of the first Soviet post-war medium tank started in 1951. In 1961, the T-62 tank with a smoothbore gun was deployed. At the same time a variant, the T-62A, with a rifled gun was also deployed. In March 1962, mass production of the T-62A was discontinued. The T-62 tank was mass-produced from 1961 through 1975, with a total of twenty thousand vehicles manufactured. Later modifications of the vehicle are still in service.

The defining characteristic of the T-62A, as shared with it's Tier X Soviet brethren, is the versatility and flexibility that it provides the driver on the battlefield. The tank is mobile, has an exceptional gun with impressive stats (albeit, very low alpha damage and abysmal gun depression) and can adapt to the situation with far greater ease than many of it's peers. By comparison with other Tier X Soviet Medium Tanks, the T-62A defines itself as the most hardheaded of the group, sporting a very strong turret which uses a combination of a highly rounded design and high armor values to deflect incoming fire of even some of the most powerful guns in the game so long as premium ammunition is not in use. The tank thrives in hull-down positions which allow it to have a clear line of sight on the advancing enemy team while exposing only its phenomenal turret. Even more so if the T-62A successfully finds itself on the flank of the enemy tanks that are forced to engage several vehicles at once. In this case, the T-62A will use its phenomenal, accurate and rapid firing gun with excellent penetration to punish even the most heavily armored foes until their vehicles are turned into smoldering wrecks.

Such versatility does not come without a price, however, and the T-62A pays the price for its multi-role capabilities by having one of the worst armored hulls of any medium tank at its tier and even some tanks below its tier, being only somewhat superior to the armor of French autoloader tanks. Such weakness does not bode well for the tank's modules, many of which are located in the lower hull and can suffer extensive damage when hit. For example, the T-62A's fuel tank is located in the front of the hull and right next to the driver. Thanks to the insufficient armor protection, an enemy shell which penetrates the front of the tank will not only kill the driver but more often than not damage the fuel tank and set the vehicle on fire. And if that wasn't enough reason to exercise extreme caution, the player should also be aware of the fact that the T-62A is one of the easiest vehicles in the game to destroy through the detonation of the ammo rack when shot in the side. In short, when driving this vehicle without the aid of your teammates, avoid head on confrontations with enemy vehicles and instead try to either flank or retreat to a safe position and wait for reinforcements. Otherwise, you risk suffering extensive damage to your tank when trading shots with other vehicles and even if you win the first battle, you may lose the war in the long run as your diminished hit-point count will leave you with extremely limited options for the rest of the match.

In conclusion, the best way to play the T-62A is through constant observation of the situation on the battlefield. The player of the tank should respond to changing battlefield conditions by constantly moving their tank to the area that needs attention and assistance in order to prevent a breakthrough by the enemy team. Use the tank where it's the strongest, in hull-down positions with good lines of sight to the enemy, and fire from a good distance to minimize the risk to your own vehicle. A well played T-62A is a ferocious fighter that will mercilessly dispatch its opponents and will easily see itself on top of the team list as a major contributor in all aspects.

The T-62A marks the end of its Soviet medium line.

Pros and Cons


Outstanding firepower, combining good gun handling, high rate-of-fire, shell velocity, and penetration
Low terrain resistance compensates for low engine power
Very strong turret armor
Good view range
Low profile with high camouflage rating


Low engine power and top speed
Weak hull armor
Fuel tank placed next to the driver has a high risk of setting the tank on fire
Lowest shell damage of the Tier 10 mediums
Poor gun depression greatly limits hull-down possibilities


Much like the other Soviet medium tanks, the T-62A excels at flanking attacks. However, the 100 mm U-8TS it carries also has excellent penetration, enough to penetrate the weakspots of even the heaviest tanks in the game. Combined with an incredible rate-of-fire, superb gun handling, high shell velocity, and good base accuracy, the T-62A can quickly rack up the damage despite the low individual shell damage if left unhindered. They also allow the T-62A to make quick and relatively accurate snap shots, and also hit targets while firing on the move with acceptable consistency.

Unlike the preceding T-54, the T-62A has a near impenetrable turret, vulnerable to only the biggest tank destroyer guns and premium ammunition. The hull of the T-62A is a completely different story; it is actually weaker than the T-54's, and is easily penetrated by even Tier 8 tanks. To make matters worse, there is a fuel tank situated next to the driver which is very vulnerable to being set on fire. In places where the gun depression allow it to hide the hull of the tank, it can be an incredibly difficult target to destroy. Unfortunately, with only 5 degrees of gun depression, the options for this are fairly limited compared to other medium tanks.

The mobility of the T-62A is quite good, despite the underpowered engine. Its suspension has some of the best terrain resistance values in the game to compensate, although the acceleration can feel a little sluggish compared to the T-54 or the Object 140. The maximum speed is somewhat low, at only 50 km/h, but it is easily good enough to fulfill its role as a medium tank.

The T-62A is a highly versatile machine that can perform well in a variety of tasks. It can brawl using its superb rate-of-fire to overwhelm slower firing tanks, has the mobility and penetration to flank more cumbersome opponents, and can even perform as a scout if absolutely necessary, thanks to a good base view range. Flexibility is the T-62A's greatest asset, and it will rarely find itself in a situation where it cannot leverage something in the battle.