The T95E6 is an American tier 10 premium medium tank.

Some military analysts deemed the experimental tanks of the T95 series to be undergunned. In order to increase the tank's firepower, a new, heavier turret, designated T96, was to be mounted on the hull. This would allow replacement of the 105-mm gun with a 120-mm gun. However, development proved unsuccessful, and the project was canceled on July 7th, 1960. Only one dummy vehicle was built.

Pros and Cons


Same gun as T110E5, with slightly faster reload
Head on, turret is fairly bouncy, with no turret cheek weakspot.
Respectable DPM
410 viewrange allows for exceptional spotting
2000 HP puts it in very high standing for Tier 10 mediums


Mediocre gun handling makes snapshots iffy
.4 accuracy is worst on any Tier 10 med
Hull front isn't as bouncy as it looks
Tumor of a commander's copula makes using turret armor near useless
Hp/T makes tank sluggish to accelerate


By pure paper stats, the T95E6 looks like it's a very, very mediocre tank, but it actually isn't. It all revolves on the excellent gun that it has, the amazing 120mm T123E6. For all intents and purposes, it's the M58 on the T110E5, with a few stat changes. It trades a little better Rate of Fire for worse accuracy and aimtime, as well as about the same dispersion values. All in all, fairly good gun to build a tank around. The trouble comes with the tank, mainly in the speed. Don't expect to be going too much above 40 km/h unless you get a downhill slope. Hulldown can be viable, but be cautious of your tumor, as it sticks out a good bit before you can shoot back. This is best played as a mid-line support tank, as the armor simply won't hold up consistently at close range, and the .4 accuracy will render all shots further than ~300m pure RNG.