TVP VTU Koncept

The TVP VTU Koncept is a Czechoslovakian tier 8 medium tank.

A medium tank project, proposed by the Škoda company as part of the general purpose vehicle concept developed in Czechoslovakia. No prototypes were manufactured.

The TVP VTU Koncept leads to the Škoda T 50.

Pros and Cons


Good maneuverability
Good turret traverse speed
Good gun selection
Can mount the top gun without researching the top turret.
Higher DPM than the AMX CDC with the top 8.8cm


Very large profile
Very weak armor
Prone to module damage and crew death
Bad accuracy at long range
Horrible stock grind


The TVP VTU does not only look like the Škoda T 40 premium, it feels the same way. It is a fast tank with a high profile. You get to chose either a 8.8 cm gun with high DPM or a 10.5 cm with a higher alpha. The 8.8 cm gun is superior in every respect except for Alpha damage. The guns fire low velocity shells and therefore making it hard to fire at long range. In order to hit the target with more consistency, you should avoid firing before the reticle is fully aimed.

The TVP VTU has everything it needs to be a good tank except one crucial thing : the ability to survive a hit. The tank has a very thin armor, which wouldn't be such an issue if the modules weren't so fragile. While driving this tank, you can expect a module to break or a crew injury on every hit. Since the tank is very tall and boxy, it is also very hard to hide in cover. While driving this tank, you should stay as far as you can from the front line, but close enough so that your gun firing arc doesn't become too much of an issue.

The Czech tier VIII grind is very painful, but the IX and X are definitely worth it. Free XP the suspension, 88 gun, turret, and engines, or expect to be merely a spectator for many many games as despite your best efforts you will earn minimal xp to unlock these modules.

Early Research

The 100mm gun and top radio are both researched and used on the tier 7 T-34/100. Mount them right away.
Suspension comes first. It gives more load capacity for new modules and better mobility (especially hull traverse). Alternatively, mount Enhanced torsion bars.
8.8cm gun comes next, since it is much better than the 100mm.
Top turret follows. Provides some much needed hit points and view range
Engines give more hp/ton, but since the tank has a decent 18hp/ton stock, the engines can be saved for last.
The top 100 mm gun is inferior to the 88 mm and does not carry over to the Škoda T50, so it can be ignored completely.