Type 61

The Type 61 is a Japanese tier 9 medium tank.

The first tank developed in Japan after WWII. It was developed from 1954 through 1961 on the basis of the American M47 tank. The dimensions of the vehicle were decreased and the armor was reduced. As a result, the weight of the tank was lighter, and the tank complied with the requirements of the Japanese armed forces.

Similar to its predecessor in multiple aspects, the Type 61 needs to keep its distance from the middle of the action as much as the STA-1 needed to (or even more). Paper-thin armor won't be surprising for Japanese medium tank drivers, however the lack of camouflage makes this tank significantly harder to play than its smaller tier 8 brother. You certainly don't want to expose yourself or get engaged in close combat by much better armored enemies, so stay back, and make good use of cover, at least in the first couple of minutes of the battle. This way you can take advantage of your nice DPM and conserve HP for the endgame. Keep in mind that the Type 61 tends to quickly become a primary target on the battlefield, due to its non-existent armor, dangerous alpha, and raw DPM potential. And driving a primary target that gets spotted quite easily may not be much fun, if you're not paying attention.

The Type 61 leads to the STB-1.

Pros and Cons


The top gun has great penetration, alpha and DPM
Especially high shell velocity, since APCR is the regular ammo with the 105 mm gun
The 90 mm gun gets a ridiculous DPM (about 3000), which is superior to other tier IX medium tanks
Great gun depression
Decent mobility


Virtually no armor, not even on the turret
Terrible camo (on par with the E 50)
Accuracy-wise unreliable top gun
Prone to engine damage
Gun elevation is lacking


"Proceed with caution". It's the main motto of every good Type 61 driver. Due to its bad camo value and miserable armor, you're forced to rely on using cover as much as possible. In the first half of the battle, try to stay behind the heavies and other mediums, and support them with your dangerous, though sometimes tricky-behaving gun. You have the mobility to change position often and swiftly, and make good use of the superior gun depression. Try to avoid close-combat though, since every incoming shot will hurt you badly, not mentioning the frequent module and crew damage. Once the heat of the battle settles down a bit, you can move up to surprise and execute busy enemies with some flanking guerrilla action. Remember, Type 61 is not a brawler, and will almost never come out on top in melees with other tier 9 mediums.

Early Research

First of all, research the Type 61 suspension, if you don't have Enhanced Torsion Bars
Now research the turret, since you'll need it for the top gun
Research the top gun for a highly needed damage and penetration boost
Ultimately, research the Mitsubishi 12HM21WT engine for a welcome improvement in mobility