The UDES 03 is a Swedish tier 8 tank destroyer.

Developed in the early 1970s by the UDES research group, Bofors and Hägglunds companies. In 1972, the project was provided by the Bofors company. Later, it was decided to return to the concept with a traversable turret, and development was continued within the UDES 14 project. The Bofors project remained only in blueprints.

The UDES 03 is the first of the Swedish Tank Destroyers that feature hydraulic suspension, which can switch between two modes :Travel mode, which offers great mobility but sacrifices gun handling; and Siege mode, that offers great gun handling in exchange for mobility.

The UDES was nicknamed "Mountain Goat" for its ability to climb over rough hills and some hard terrain that are normally rarely accessible with other tanks. Some might use its advantage by sniping on high hills (hills on northern side of Redshire map for example) that provide great terrain protection and a sniping spot for this vehicle.

Unfortunately, the UDES is fairly hard to maneuver. Its heavily sloped armour can be easily overmatched by 61mm+ caliber guns. Combined with its absolutely horrible mobility in siege mode, this won't help you deal with flankers and also makes the UDES a targets for SPGs.

To shine in the UDES 03, players must know when and where they will position. Use your great mobility in travel mode to relocate yourself from enemies when you feel unsafe and use your great gun handling in siege mode to destroy enemy tanks.

The UDES 03 leads to the Strv 103-0.

Pros and Cons

- Great gun handling (while in Siege mode).

- Amazing gun elevation and depression in siege mode.

- Best camouflage value in tier 5+, can reach up to 70% while stationary, and great camouflage when moving (can reach to more than 30%, which is even better than some tier 8 light tanks).

- Upgraded gun has highest penetration standard rounds at tier 8 (even at tier 9) and 1450 m/s shell velocity, making it easy to hit targets at long range.

- Very high top forward and reversing speeds, great power to weight ratio and maneuverability in Travel mode.

- Low terrain resistance combined with great mobility allowing this vehicle to climb some rough terrains (including some area that cannot access with other vehicles) with ease.

- It has the second lowest HP pool for non-SPG vehicles in the same tier (1000) and is very vulnerable against high calibre guns and SPGs, especially in Siege mode.

- Mobility in Siege Mode is terrible (5 km/h both forwards and backwards) and makes it very vulnerable in close range combat.

- Overall armour is very poor, will always be penetrated by 61mm+ calibre guns because of the overmatch rules. Highly vulnerable to HE rounds.

- Lack of gun depression in Travel mode.

- Mediocre aiming time (3 seconds) when outside Siege mode.

- Low maximum ammo capacity (48 rounds for stock gun and 40 rounds for top gun).

- No horizontal gun arc makes it hard to hit mobile targets (because it must move all the time and loses accuracy); can't shoot mobile targets if tracks get destroyed.

- Penetration drops off rapidly at longer ranges. Don't expect to pen tier 10 super-heavies at long range unless shooting at side or rear.


This tank, along with the 103-0 and 103b, are the main true sniper tanks. Use Travel Mode to get to a good spot and set up Siege in a bush. As long as you don't get spotted, dealing 3-5k damage in a game is easy (as top tier).

Early Research

- Tracks: The basic chassis allows you to calmly install the "top" gun, but it will have to be delayed with the installation of a new engine and improved radio stations due to the increase in the mass of new modules.

- The gun: The "top" gun 10,5cm kan UDES 03 has an excellent penetration by a base projectile of 288mm, a nice damage per shot of 390 units and slightly smaller DPM compared to 9cm kan m/F.

- The engine: The "top" engine will give 50 h.p. and decrease the chance of a fire by 2%, however it will slightly increase the weight of the machine itself, which is critical when using the "stock" tracks.

- Radio: The "walk-through" radio Ra 400 will give 95 meters of communication range. The Ra 421 radio will give another 140 meters of communication range.