AC 1 Sentinel

The AC 1 Sentinel is a British tier 4 premium medium tank.

Developed in 1941 under the program for Australian cruiser tanks. There were plans to produce 2,000 vehicles, but from 1942 through 1943, only 65 vehicles, with serial numbers from 8001 to 8065, were manufactured. In July 1943, it was decided to stop development and cancel the program. The vehicles never saw combat and were used only for training purposes. In 1946, the tanks were removed from service.

The AC 1 Sentinel is a Tier IV premium medium tank. The tank is the object of derision due to it's poor gun and "distinctive" front machine gun port. The tank is in the British tech tree as Australia doesn't have it's own tech tree and is part of the British Commonwealth.

Pros and Cons


High fire rate
High top speed and decent reverse speed
Low dispersion bloom when rotating turret (only)
Good gun depression
Reasonable view range


Terrible DPM and alpha damage
Poor aim time and reloads faster than it can aim, hurting potential DPM even further unless engaging at point blank range.
Low shell velocity
Poor power to weight ratio and average terrain handling hurts maneuverability
No preferential matchmaking


The AC 1 Sentinel is a not so great brawling medium tank. With the frontal armor of the Valentine, HP pool of the Matilda, and some of the speed of the Covenanter, it cant make aggressive maneuvers on flat ground and take a few hits without turning into a burning wreck. This is especially true in Tier 4 and 5 games. In Tier 6, it is relegated to a secondary role as an anti-scout and flank protector in coordination with allies. In this role, it will have the benefit of a 350 meter view range.

Firepower-wise, it has a reasonable DPM and good armor penetration of 88mm. However, its alpha damage of 45 means it will take numerous shots to take out opponents, something partially compensated by its high rate of fire. While comparable British 2-pdr guns on the Valentine and Covenanter can fire more quickly and do more damage, they only have 78mm of armor penetration. This is the difference between punching through a KV-1 or Matilda and not. Therefore, the Sentinel's 2-pdr gun is able to deal less, but more consistent damage. The only 2-pdr gun that beats the Mk X-A on the Sentinel is the 2-pdr Mk. X-B with the Little-John adapter on the Matilda. However, the Matilda does not have the benefit of being able to outflank opponents. It also has great gun depression, though the Covenanter, Valentine, and Matilda are not lacking in gun depression as well.

The vehicle is not without faults, however. With an 11.81hp/ton ratio, the Sentinel will struggle up hills and will feel somewhat sluggish on flat ground. While it is better than the Matilda and Valentine, they are really pocket heavy tanks, where the Sentinel is closer to a proper brawling medium. Its gun also has an uncharacteristically long 2.7 second aim time, as comparable guns have aim times closer to 2 seconds or less. Combined with its mediocre gun handling, the Sentinel is very ineffective at long-range combat.

The Sentinel is a bad Tier 4 medium tank, capable of holding its own when top tier and supporting allies when its bottom tier with its good combination of protection, mobility, and firepower. It also has good view range, which comes in handy when bottom tier.