Škoda T 40

The Škoda T 40 is a Czechoslovakian tier 6 premium medium tank.

Development of the T 40 tank was suggested by the Škoda company under the TVP (general purpose tank) program in 1946. The vehicle design was developed; however, a prototype was never built.

Pros and Cons

- Excellent DPM, good alpha damage per shot

- Good top speed and Good acceleration, fast in straight lines

- Great view range and signal range

- Good AP and great HEAT penetration

- Decent Accuracy and Aim Time

- Good credit maker

- Low AP velocity

- Mediocre agility, slow traverses.

- Very weak internal modules, especially the ammo rack

- Vulnerable crew members. Every time you get hit, a crew member dies.

- High silhouette, easy to spot and hit

- Low HP pool (700)

- Poor gun depression


This tank has to be played cautiously as its armour is wholly inadequate and it is prone to crew and module damage, which it has in common with most Czech medium tanks. Furthermore, it's slow traverse speed and low rate of fire make it unsuitable for dogfighting. In addition, the gun has a tendency to miss unless fully aimed, making it unreliable when taking snap shots. Instead, it should be used as a medium range sniper and flanking medium, using its superior speed to get into an advantageous position and to retreat when necessary.