The T-29 is a Soviet tier 3 premium medium tank.

Developed in 1934 by the tank bureau within the economic division of the Joint State Political Directorate. The project was designed to replace the T-28. The working prototype was produced in Leningrad, at the Experimental Kirov Plant (Plant No. 185) in 1935, under the supervision of engineer N. V. Tseyts. The vehicle was provided with a wheeled and caterpillar propulsion system. The tank entered service in February 1936; its production was started at Leningrad Kirov Plant. Only a few vehicles were built before production was discontinued due to complex construction and unreliable chassis.

The miniature (but still large) version of T-28, This tank was given to all players in 2017 Christmas event, Unlike other free garage slot Christmas gift tanks, It can be only sold for an little amount of money (can be sold for 1000 credits).

Pros and Cons

- Decent mobility

- High alpha damage, enough to do two or three shots on most tanks in the same tier

- Good rate of fire and DPM

- Good for ramming due to its decent weight and speed

- Poor armor & large size; easily destroyed if not covered

- Abysmal gun handling; extremely poor accuracy with limited gun depression

- Very poor view range and signal range