The T-45 is a Soviet tier 2 premium light tank.

The upgraded version of the T-60 tank. Unlike the original vehicle, the T-45 featured enhanced armor and a turret with a 45-mm gun of 1938, as well as a coaxial DT machinegun. The vehicle was deemed obsolete by June 1942 as compared to the T-70. The vehicle never saw mass production. However, one manufactured prototype was sent to the front.

Premium tank offered by WarGaming in its18th anniversary.

Pros and Cons

•Fast hull and turret traverse

•Can penetrate most tier IIs frontally

•Fast firing (2.2 seconds minimum)

•Decent manoeuvrability

•60mm effective upper plate and 51mm effective turret front

•2 crew members, can get knocked out somewhat easily

•Relatively sluggish compared to counterparts

•Somewhat high silhouette

•Mediocre gun

•Huge weak spots which can deface its ability to tank

•Side armour often penetrated when angling (due to 3x calibre overmatch)


The T-45 is a Tier II Premium Russian Light tank that performs very similarly to the T-60, its normal Russian counterpart. Its decent top speed, acceptable gun and fast traverse speed can outmatch a lot of its tier 2 light counterparts.

Its 45 mm 20KL, which bears striking similarities to the gun of the MS-1 which is also mounted on the other tier III and IV Russian premium lights, possesses a decent penetration value and thus can penetrate most of its enemies frontally, including the heavily-armoured LTP, BT-SV and T-127 with relative ease, but neglects alpha damage in return and so the T-45 will need to expose itself for a longer period of time to cause the same amount of damage as a TD. You can use it as a flanker, but choose your targets wisely: A good amount of your adversaries will be able to outmanoeuvre you. You will often bounce shells off of your heavily sloped upper plate and thick frontal turret armour, even if not angled, but even your sloped armour can't withstand heavier tier II-III guns like that of the LTP and T-127, so be careful if you face TDs and tanks at tier III and above.

Your gun is adequate and will do the job without problems the majority of the time, however it's not always a reliable tool: it's not as accurate as other tier II lights (Its soft stats are even worse than that of the MS-1 a tier lower), so it's best to have cover or find a hull-down position to exploit your 51mm of frontal turret armour, and your armour will be at worst a 50-50 chance of being penetrated - As you are constantly penetrating their armour with your 51mm of penetration on the gun. Himmelsdorf is an excellent example of this where this tank can prove its worth. However, its weak spots are large including the middle commander plate and the lower glacis (however they are 10mm thicker than the upper glacis) and it is difficult to snipe due to its lousy accuracy and aiming time.