The T34 is an American tier 8 premium heavy tank.

Developed in 1945 as a modernization of the T30 heavy tank. The vehicle was equipped with the 120 mm T53 gun and the new Continental AV-1790 engine. Because of the decline in heavy tank development after the end of World War II, the T34 never entered service. The prototypes were used in field trials.

The T34 is the hardest hitting tier 8 heavy tank, putting out even more damage than the IS-3 armed with the 122mm BL-9. However, to balance these abilities the T34's cannon was given an increase in aiming time and also given a RoF of 4. This makes it tricky to play, especially for players who were used to the T34's pre-patch 0.7.2 tier 9 stats with a high RoF and accuracy. The role of the T34 didn't change with the patch, so you should stick to the second line and provide firepower where your allies need it due to the weak hull. When able to, stay back and play defensively, attack cautiously; any tier 7 and above gun can easily penetrate your weak hull. The credit income of the T34 is similar to that of the KV-5. Playing a good match will earn the player plenty of credits.

Pros and Cons


The gun has the second highest alpha damage (400) and highest penetration (248) of any Tier VIII heavy tank
Excellent gun depression; good for hull down positions
Very durable frontal turret armor and mantlet
Surprisingly durable rear turret armor
The tracks mounted on the front hull act as small spaced armor.


Below average view range
Thin hull armour for a slow-moving heavy
Slow reload with bad DPM
Low mobility, with slow hull and turret traverse, as well as low acceleration
Terrible gun handling and aiming speed


The tank has a weak hull so it's not recommended for leading a push. Try to only show your turret by staying hull-down if possible. T34 works very well when you can get behind cover and support your teammates, having a gun that can penetrate tier 10's with well placed shots and having turret armor that can bounce most enemies you are up against, proving to be a tank that cannot be ignored even by the biggest and baddest.

A Vertical Stabilizer and Gun Laying Drive are both recommended to reduce the aim time. Having both makes the aim time and reticle size comparable to other tanks.

That said, this tank has an interesting role to play. It can take on almost any tank it wants, even tier 10's, if the T34 can force a long range fight where the high alpha, penetration and accuracy combined with the hugely armored turret will make you nigh-invincible. However, if any tank; even some tier 4 tanks (i.e. T-50) get behind you they can easily kill you due to your terrible hull armor all around combined with your slow moving characteristics (albeit better than the Löwe and similar heavies) staying in the back line is crucial for this tank. Ignore the impulse, and your uninformed team in the suggestion to push. Support in the back line, and you will find this tank to be a formidable and powerful tank, and easily one of the best tier 8 tanks. However, be aware artillery is the bane of this tank. Sitting in a hull down position while also being artillery safe is imperative, and you must actively seek terrain that can fulfill one or both of these requirements, as these will shore up your vulnerabilities.

In short, the T34 has very strong strengths, and crippling weaknesses. However, an experienced player will search for ways to remedy the situation, and bring the powerful gun to force. Patience is key with this tank, and it suits a defensive play style well.