Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai

The Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai is a Japanese tier 5 premium medium tank.

The Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai medium tank is a combination of the Type 3 Chi-Nu suspension and turret and the Type 4 Chi-To gun. Only one prototype was built. It was ready for trials in March of 1945.

The first Japanese tank introduced into the game. With the introduction of the Japanese medium tank line, it has been rendered one of the most pointless premium tanks in the game due to being mostly identical to the standard Type 3 Chi-Nu. Compared to a fully upgraded Type 3 Chi-Nu, it has a better hull traverse speed and stronger turret armour, in exchange for worse gun depression and worse mobility.

Pros and Cons


Quick aim time helps for sniping
Accuracy makes it an acceptable sniper
Turret has enough armor to get some weird bounces


Very slow for a tier V medium
Tank being very tall makes for an easy target
Poor hull armor for how much the tank weighs


The Chi-Nu Kai is a very slow and tall for a tier V medium tank, relegating its role to be a mid-far range sniper. The gun does have a fairly quick aim time as well as decent accuracy to support this playstyle. Trying to fight on the front lines is discouraged, as you will constantly find yourself struggling as it does not have the alpha damage to trade shots with enemies nor the armor to take hits back from them. Its poor overall mobility also makes relocating to another sniping position fairly difficult.

The Chi-Nu Kai has poor armor overall, as the 25 mm of hull side armor can be overmatched by any gun larger than 75 mm, meaning side-scraping will more often than not be unsuccessful. However, you can sometimes get a lucky bounce along the edges of your gun mantlet, which are 150 mm thick. This, combined with a decent gun depression at 7 degrees, can make going hull-down against lower tiers an option, albeit an unreliable one due to the rest of the turret only being 50-75mm thick.