Type 58

The Type 58 is a Chinese tier 6 medium tank.

The U.S.S.R. exported a total of 1,800 T-34-76 and T-34-85 tanks to China. In 1954 the Chinese government made the decision to begin domestic production of the T-34-85 in 1958, with the new vehicle designated the Type 58. However, production was never initiated, and the Chinese army settled for modifications to the Soviet-made T-34s.

Bootleg T-34-85 from China, it shares similarity to its bootleg predecessor. It only has few choices of guns that don't make much difference. Useless when bottom tier, and its modules can get damaged often. But many characteristic are ripped from T-34-85 and it still makes it a dangerous opponent to face in tier 6 match.

The Type 58 leads to the IS-2, and the T-34-1.

Pros and Cons

- Very fast on flat grounds and turns almost on a dime with very good flanking capability ; Faster than its legit tank it was based on.

- Excellent rate of fire and decent accuracy on its gun; Alpha damage isn't too shabby either

- Turret armor is very strong and durable; hull armor can bounce some poorly aimed shots (not reliably though)

- Plays alot like its predecessor, doesn't need much of a change in its role

- Painless stock grind since its stat is near identical to T-34-85 with top turret and carrying T-34-85 second gun

- Gun depression is worse than on the T-34-85 by -2°; accuracy is much worse too.

- Even fully upgraded, the gun isn't a big improvement and leaves much to be desired (only gains 2 more pen.).

- Struggles to hold its top speed, especially on soft ground (seems to hate going beyond 40-45 KM/H)

- You will pay dearly if you move at all when trying to fire; loses A LOT of accuracy.

- Useless when bottom tiered


Probably one of the worst tier 6 mediums due to less potential in various battles, one of the strongest points of the Type 58 is its largely painless grind. Whereas other mediums in stock configuration must deal with subpar weapons, the Type 58 starts with an 85mm that is identical to its top gun in damage, ROF and aim time. Its engine is only 20hp weaker than the top engine, and its stock tracks are more maneuverable than its Russian counterpart's fully upgraded tracks. As such, the Type 58 in stock performs largely the same as its fully upgraded configuration, a blessing and a curse. Be aware that the stock gun, while packing good alpha, is inaccurate and has a tendency to shoot into the corners of the reticule. Your armor, while surprisingly bouncy at times, will suffer if it comes into contact with the 122mm guns of the KV-1s series, so never rely on your armor to protect you. Be aware of the limitations of your dismal gun depression, which prevent you from assuming hull down and makes it unsafe to climb hills. Compared to it's Soviet counterpart, the T-34-85, the Type 58 trades 16 less penetration for better mobility and ROF. With the same 128 penetration as the M4A3E8, it should be played like one. Flank enemy heavies when possible and put your high DPM to good use. Its high DPM also gives you an edge while dueling with other tier 6 medium tanks.

Early Research

The Type 58 in its stock configuration performs largely the same as its fully upgraded configuration, so there is really no way to go wrong here. First research the tracks to make the most of your maneuverability. The gun comes next, adding much-needed penetration to an otherwise robust gun. The radio will allow you to properly fulfill your role as a flanker, so research that next. The middle engine adds no HP and only reduces the likelihood of fire, while the top engine adds an underwhelming 20 hp. However, the top engine is also the top engine on T-34-1, and researching the engines on the Type 58 circumvents the need to use the even more inadequate stock engine on the T-34-1. If you are going up the chinese light tank line, the top gun on the Type 58 is the first 85 mm gun for the WZ-131. It is highly recommended to research and grind this tank if you are planning to go up the chinese light tank line.