Type 97 Te-Ke

The Type 97 Te-Ke is a Japanese tier 2 premium light tank.

The Te-Ke was developed by Tokyo Gasu Denki to replace the outdated Type 94 light tank. Manufactured from 1937 through 1942. The vehicle was used for reconnaissance, communication, patrol duty, and infantry support. Served as an armored tractor. A total of about 600 vehicles were manufactured.

The Type 97 Te-Ke was a gift tank given to players to celebrate Wargaming's 16th anniversary. Like the other Japanese tanks of its tier, the Te-Ke sports a weak engine, a slow-turning turret, and practically no armor. Though very vulnerable when exposed, with great gun depression and a very small turret profile, the Te-Ke is a master of concealment. When properly positioned, even a clearly visible Te-Ke can make use of its powerful gun while being well out of harm's way.

Pros and Cons


Good accuracy and damage
Good gun
Great gun depression
Small turret profile


Weak engine, resulting poor acceleration and difficulty knocking down trees and walls
Practically unarmored (UFP so thin that's it's overmatched by .50 cal machine gun rounds!)
Slow aim time
Slow turret traverse
Small crew (commander also fills the roles of gunner, radio operator, and loader)


The Type 97 Te-Ke presents a different challenge to players used to conventional light tanks. While most light tanks favor fast-moving, aggressive flanking, the Te-Ke is a tank that needs to be played with great caution. Though not particularly unmaneuverable, the Te-Ke is slow to accelerate and has a slow-traversing turret while still being very poorly armored. At close range, the Te-Ke is easily outmatched by most tanks, and further exasperating this is the Te-Ke's two-man crew. A dead commander cripples the Te-Ke, as he is also the gunner, radio operator, and loader. The small crew can also result in your tank being knocked out from crew loss without losing all your HP.

The Te-Ke has a number of strengths that greatly reward players who carefully plan their positioning. One of these strengths is its gun, which is the same 37mm gun available on the Ha-Go, although considerably more accurate. With this increased accuracy, the gun's good penetration and alpha damage enable it to threaten even well armored enemy tanks at a safe distance. The Te-Ke is also endowed with characteristic Japanese gun depression, giving it 12.7 degrees of depression at the front and 15 at the sides and rear. Its good gun depression makes it possible for the Te-Ke to go hull-down almost anywhere where there's a sizable hill. The Te-Ke's puny one-man turret is too small for most tier II guns to hit reliably. Because of this, a hull-down Te-Ke is true danger to almost any tank regardless of whether or not they can see it.

Documented Tank and Crew Builds

Regardless of what equipment build a player chooses to use, using an enhanced gun laying drive is strongly suggested. Though ideally the Te-Ke is a stationary shooter, it has a very high after-shot aim bloom and somewhat slow aim time. The gun laying drive ensures that the gun is capable of sustained, accurate fire.

When considering what to use for the remaining two equipment slots, the key factor is distance. A Te-Ke player can decide to either go hull down in a place where they will be visible but have better chance of hitting their shots, or do so at a distance where they won't be visible but will have a harder time hitting shots. Should a player should choose to do the former, they will find themselves ducking in and out of cover often. Thus, the small aim bloom and aim time bonuses from vents will come in handy as will the hard view range boost from coated optics. Should a player chose to do the latter and stay stationary a safer distance instead, the extra concealment from a camouflage net and stationary view range bonus from binoculars will be more helpful.