WZ-120-1G FT

The WZ-120-1G FT is a Chinese tier 8 premium tank destroyer.

Variant of a tank destroyer based on the Type 59 medium tank (plant designation WZ-120) that entered service in 1959. Existed only in blueprints.

Pros and Cons

- Very powerful gun comparable to the SU-122-54 sitting a tier higher, hard hitting yet reloads resonably fast

- Sloped upper front plate with decent thickness, same as the T-54

- Good mobility, decent power-to-weight ratio and top speed

- Better gun arc and horizontal guidance

- Good camoflage values and high view range, can do passive scouting if out of option

- Hull sides are weaker than its base model, the Type 59, limiting the effectiveness of angling

- Mediocre accuracy and gun handling can be frustrating

- Mediocre gun elevation/depression and horizontal gun arc, though better than many high tier Soviet peers

- Massive "bloom" on the aiming circle when turning the vehicle makes snapshotting difficult

- Low hull profile restricts utilization of terrain cover

- Limited ammo supply of only 35 rounds

- Very vulnerable to artillery fire


The WZ-120 1G FT stands in between the SU-122-44 and the SU-122-54. Sporting high damage per minute, good camoflage and satisfying mobility, yet not capped by inadequate penetration and bad accuracy on the 122-44 nor the extremely tight gun arc on 122-54. Besides, it has even thicker hull front and better sloping than the 122-54 with noticeably smaller cupola making this one the most resistant to incoming fire if needed. On top of that, the 120 1G FT frequently meets opponents from Tiers VI and VII whom have insufficient penetration even with gold rounds. One can stay supporting from distance, utilizing it's camoflage and small profile to avoid return fire and harvest respctable amount of damage output. If matters get too hot however, one should not forget that bearing this very same mighty gun found on the 113 and armor of the T-54, the 120 1G FT can hold much more than its own in brawling with good positioning and steady aiming.