M4A1 Revalorisé

The M4A1 Revalorisé is a French tier 8 premium medium tank.

In the 1950s, the M4 Sherman of various modifications was supplied to France as part of MDAP. French design bureaus started modernizing the vehicle with the goal of improving its firepower. This initiative was followed by a modernization program for the Israel Defense Forces (Sherman M51). The tank never saw service in France. The number of prototypes built is unknown.

Also known as "ISherman (Israeli Sherman, as it was the basis of Israeli M-50/M-51 Sherman)", Super Sherman, or M4A1 "Ravioli" (or other names that resembles word "Revalorise"). At first glance, it's basically just an M4 Sherman with a bigger gun, painted in French colours, and bumped up three tiers. But it's a lot more complicated than that. When its strengths and weaknesses are well-understood, the M4A1 Revalorisé can become a rather effective tank hunter in Tier VIII, and even Tier IX games.

Pros and Cons

-Default ammo is APCR with extremely high shell velocity (comparable to tier 10 mediums!)

-Best alpha damage (along with the T-34-3) of all Tier 8 premium medium tanks.

-Good gun handling. Very accurate when fully aimed and high gun depression.

-Good view range.

-Decent HP pool for its size (1400)

-Cheapest Tier 8 premium tank (same as T26E4 SuperPershing).

-Good credit maker with high damage per shot and fairly cheap shell cost.

-Weak armor that can only provides some lucky bounce and pretty low camo values. Despite it was mostly used as sniper.

-Long reload time and low DPM.

-Vulnerable ammo rack and frontal transmission.

-Poor upper gun elevation.

-Fairly below average speed and power to weight ratio.

-Premium HEAT is lacking in penetration and compares somewhat poorly to APCR.

-No preferential matchmaking. Combine that with poor premium round, long reload time and fairly below average speed. Makes its hard to play in tier 10 match.


One could compare this vehicle to the British Tier 6 Sherman Firefly, as the Revalorisè is also an M4 variant equipped with a larger gun. The similarities end here however, as this tank's gun is the exact opposite of the British 17 Pdr. - massive, with a very high damage per shot, and with a glacial reload speed. It also benefits from good gun handling and great gun depression (similar to American tanks).

The gun's behaviour, lack of armor and mediocre mobility make this tank best played as support, firing from the second line, or a sniper thanks to its very high shell velocity and decent accuracy. Do note however that the default ammo is APCR, which has worse normalization than AP and so struggles more against sloped armor, and that the penetration is not that great either.

Always try to minimize exposure by making use of cover (be it scenery or even allied tanks) and abuse your gun depression, and never try to brawl as the Revalorisè has no armor and takes well over ten seconds to reload between shots. Also, try to let the gun fully aim before firing, again due to the very long reload time.