The Type 5 Heavy is a Japanese tier 10 heavy tank

The Type 5, also known as the Type 2605, was one of the variants of the O-I superheavy tank, developed during WWII. The vehicle was planned to be used for breaking through fortified enemy lines and for coastal defense.

Sometimes known as "Godzilla" or "Derpzilla" or just simply called as Type 5, The Type 5 Heavy is the final evolution of Japanese Super-Heavies. It is just as massive as it seems: it has second highest HP after Maus (2900), is even bigger than it, and has thickest frontal armor of all heavy tanks in the game. Like all other Japanese heavies starting at tier 6, Type 5 Heavy has choice of either gun with above average alpha damage but poor accuracy and DPM (aka the 14cm gun), or howitzer that is capable of doing titanic damage when it penetrates or very high burst damage; more than any other heavy tank in the game!

Unlike Type 4 Heavy, Type 5 Heavy no longer carries hull cheeks as weakspots, and unlike most Japanese heavies, Type 5 Heavy also has much stronger side armor. Due to these two traits, Type 5 Heavy is capable of angling and sidescraping much more effective than its brother.

Nevertheless, while Type 5 Heavy is very powerful, it is not impossible to beat. Like other Japanese heavies, Type 5 Heavy is huge and slow, which makes it very vulnerable against artillery and tier 10 TDs. Due to this, map awareness is very important with Type 5 Heavy. While it has tough side armor, its huge and flat side profile, huge ammorack and long reload on both guns makes it notably vulnerable to flanking and when left alone.

The Type 5 Heavy marks the end of its Japanese heavy line.
Type 5 Heavy - Render Marm Art

Pros and Cons

- Incredibly strong frontal armor with rather small weakspots that are resistant against most low tier vehicles. Even when unangled, Type 5 Heavy is almost immune to every standard AP ammunition (expect tier 10 TDs)!

- 2nd highest HP pool in the game: 2900.

- Hull cheeks are not weakspots like on Type 4 Heavy, which furthers improves Type 5's ability to angle its armor

- Unlike most Japanese heavies, Type 5 Heavy also has very tough side armor, making it much more effective at sidescraping compared to other Japanese heavies.

- Choice of two guns: 14 cm that has high alpha damage and surprisingly good aim time and dispersion values for such a big gun, and a 15.2 cm naval gun that has titanic potential damage (1100 with regular and 1400 with premium HE), higher than any other heavy tank in the game; with premium HE Type 5 is capable of oneshotting most of tier 8s and even some tier 9s if it manages to penetrate!

- Very good gun depression (-10).

- Huge size and mass means that Type 5 can easily push other tanks and their wrecks around, facehug effectively and is so large that it can act as cover for smaller tanks and when destroyed as effective roadblock.

- Now contributes fear factor for lower tier tanks due to massive armor and ability to oneshot some tanks.

- Huge ammo capacity on both guns, will never run out of ammo on battle.

- Biggest tier 10 in the game; extremely vulnerable to SPGs.

- Armor is quite flat, which makes it vulnerable to tier 10 TDs and premium ammo when not angled; high armor thickness with lack of weakspots encourages usage of premium ammo.

- Poor accuracy, effective DPM, gun handling and long reload on both guns

- Weak P/W ratio and low top speed.

- Huge ammorack is easily damaged from side.

- Large cupola, while not very weak, is quite easy to hit and commander can easily be knocked down if cupola is penetrated.


Type 5 Heavy looks very similar to Type 4 Heavy, but in reality, it is huge improvement over it. Most notable changes are much more reliable and effective armor profile, huge HP increase (+850), slightly better mobility, better gun stats and lower engine deck which makes its shiloutte slightly smaller.

Like all Japanese heavies, Type 5 lacks true frontal weak point. If enemies are firing standard ammo, Type 5 can pretty much laugh at them, expect for tier 10 TDs. While peeking from corner is still reliable and easy way due to lack of lower plate weakpoint, Type 5 can now also sidescrape very effectively due to much better side armor compared to Type 4 Heavy and hull cheeks no longer being weakspots. The Type 5 also can angle its turret when it reloads, like Maus and E 100, although slightly less. Type 5 excels at hull-down position, thanks to -10 degree gun depression and tough turret. In hull-down position, its cupola becomes even harder to penetrate. Keep on mind however that the 152mm howitzer has "only" -8 degrees of gun depression over front.

Type 5 Heavy is one of only few tier 10 tanks with two alternative gun choices. Like all Japanese heavies from tier 6 and up, Type 5 has option to use either normal gun with high alpha damage but low penetration, accuracy and DPM or howitzer which can damage everything and deal huge damage if it penetrates as cost of even worse accuracy and reload compared to 140mm gun.

With 140mm gun, weakspot knowledge is important as it has poor penetration, especially on its premium rounds, which means that Type 5 can struggle against other tier 10 super-heavies, especially against opposing Type 5s. Due to the tank's height, gun depression and caliber, Type 5 can overmatch roofs of many tanks.

With 152mm gun, Type 5 doesnt need to hit weakspots, making the tank one of the most beginner-friendly tier 10s to play. However, aiming can still do major impact due to HE mechanics; for example, shooting Maus at upper glacis wont do much damage, but shooting it at turret cheeks will be much more effective as the HE will splash into the hull roof, doing much more damage. Due to huge potential damage (1100 / 1400), it is recommended to focus on poorly armored targets to maximize damage. Keep on mind that premium HE is exactly the same as regular HE expect it has 300 higher potential damage for higher ammo cost, so it is recommended to fire premium HE if you have premium account and some premium tanks to afford it. However, regular HE can be still effective as it can do 250 - 450 most of time, if aimed correctly.

Thanks to Type 5's massive size (even bigger than the Maus!) and 25kph top speed, Type 5 is juicy target for artillery. Try to stay in cover from artillery ALWAYS when possible. Also, try to avoid going anywhere without allies. Type 5 which is left alone is easy target for medium tanks like T-62A. Try to also avoid tanks getting into your sides, since The Type is so tall that some tanks can avoid it's gun despite the great -10 degree depression.

Early Research

Unlike most other tier 10s, Type 5 Heavy doesnt come out as elited if you havent researched 152mm gun on Type 4 Heavy. If that is the case, research the gun and Type 5 Heavy will be elited. Alternatively you can use 14cm gun if you want.