The Object 260 is a Soviet tier 10 premium heavy tank

A version of the Object 260 heavy tank. The design plans were completed in September 1945, but no prototypes were manufactured.

The Object 260 is earned after completing the fourth set of Personal Missions, which were added to the game in 0.9.5

Pros and Cons


Strong frontal hull armor and turret armor
Directly superior gun to IS-4, giving this tank great firepower. Also gets APCR default ammunition
Superior engine power and top speed to IS-7, giving it excellent mobility similar to mediums
Front of the turret has the thickest displayed armor value in the game
3rd highest penetration of all heavy tanks in the game with normal ammuniton


Turret has a cupola, unlike the IS-7's turret, as well as a shot-trap shape into the hull roof and a weak roof armor itself,
Lower plate is easily penned like the IS-7. It also doesn't have the spaced side skirts of the IS-7.
Extremely low HP pool for a heavy tank, tied for 2nd worst HP pool out of all tier X heavies
Requires completion of all four sets of Personal Missions to earn.


The few players who have played this tank say it is like a combination of an IS-7 with the IS-4's gun and turret design. It takes the IS-7's excellent hull armor and gives it a gun with much better handling, reload, and accuracy; at the cost of only 50 alpha damage. With a much stronger engine than the IS-7 (IS-7 engine power was buffed in patch 9.20 and now is equal to Obj. 260), this tank can reach high foward speeds with an excellent pw/wt ratio of nearly 20 and also has an increased top speed. This comes at a cost of slightly weaker side armor, a turret with a few weakspots, and marginally worse gun depression, however.